How to Succeed in Love: the Dos and Don’ts of a New Relationship

Have you just started seeing someone new, and you are really excited about where this is going? Often when a new relationship is taking its first steps, we inadvertently do things that might sabotage our fledgeling love. If you find yourself in a similar situation, here are the dos and don’ts of every new relationship.


Communication: do keep it real, don’t share too much too soon

When a new relationship starts, honest communication is key to evolving, as Relate points out. Sharing thoughts and feelings that are important to you can help the other person learn more about you and speed up the process of feeling really connected to one another. Remember to also expect your partner to communicate in return, but don’t push them to do so in ways they don’t feel comfortable with.

Everyone is different in how they get in touch with their emotions and let them show. One thing you should definitely not do is overwhelm each other with information. Don’t keep your partner’s phone ringing all day long, and don’t let them do the same to you: keep it gradual and based on reciprocity.


Intimacy: do support each other, don’t push each other

One of the most important aspects of being with someone new is building up intimacy in a way that both partners feel comfortable, safe, and excited about. Be supportive of each other and go at your own pace: there is no such thing as too long or too soon.

Erectile dysfunction is, according to many, a very common problem that can be brought on by causes such as stress or anxiety. Not only that, it can affect all ages: 25% of new patients are under 40 years old. Remembering to communicate honestly and be understanding of any issues that might be troubling you in the bedroom is part of this. Being non-judgmental but eager to work things out and try new solutions can mean the world to your partner. It can also allow you to establish a mutual ground of trust in your relationship, support that can then be transferred to other aspects of your common life.


Social life: do integrate your partner gradually, don’t cut your friends out

We often dive head-first into new relationships and make too much room for them – commonly resulting in pushing other people out. It is important to keep making time for your loved ones so that your social life doesn’t suffer and you consequently end up resenting your partner. But that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce your friends and family gradually to your new love and make sure they spend some quality time together.

In fact, Psychology Today reports on how those closest to us often see things we don’t and can point out red flags. Keep those people around and create some space for yourself, or you might not be able to see things as clearly as you want to.


When finding new love, often, we can make silly mistakes that undermine the relationship. Remember to always be yourself and nurture your love, and that it’s as much about what you don’t do as it is about what you do.


Mark Munroe is the Creator and EIC of ADDICTED. He's ADDICTED to great travel, amazing food, better grooming & probably a whole lot more!