How To Make More Of A Year Out

You’ve decided to take a year out from normal life and do something incredible with your time – having a year off is a once in a lifetime experience and you’ve most likely planned to do some outstanding things with the time that you have. However, while it’s great to have a year off to do whatever you want with your time, such as seeing more of the world, it’s important to make sure that you are making the most of your time. 

While your year out from education or work might seem like the ideal opportunity to put everything career-related on the backburner, it doesn’t have to be. The fact is that while you’re taking your year out, you can still take steps to ensure that when you return from your time away, that you don’t feel like you’ve wasted any of your time.

Wondering what steps you can take to ensure that while you have the most amazing time exploring new places, you are also able to continue to build your career while you’re away? For everything that you need to know, have a read of the tips and advice below! 

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Consider studying online

A simple yet highly effective way to ensure that while you take your year out you are also able to continue building your career is to consider studying online. The great thing about choosing to study virtually is the fact that you are able to fit your studies around your free time – by day you could be exploring jagged coastlines and craggy mountains while at night you spend your time studying.

It’s a win-win situation – you get to explore and travel to your heart’s content, while also enhancing and honing your career. Colleges like Suffolk Online are ideal for allowing you to build your skills virtually, meaning that you can enjoy taking some time out of normal life, without putting your career on hold. 


Freelance as you go

Another option, if you want to ensure that you return home to a bank account that is not completely drained, is to consider freelancing as you go. While you could opt to work in bars and pubs as you travel, picking up odd jobs, if you have the skills and experience to offer your services in a freelance capacity then it makes sense to take advantage of those skills and freelance as you travel.

Freelancing means working in an industry that actually interests you, while also building up your experience further. Plus, it means that you are able to earn as you travel, helping to make your experience even more enjoyable. When it comes to finding freelance work, there are plenty of resources that you can utilise, such as social media sites like LinkedIn and jobs boards like Freelancer, for example. Finding work shouldn’t be an issue at all. 


There you have it, a few simple tips and ideas for making the most out of a year out. It’s amazing to be able to head off and see the world, but just because you’re getting out there and seeing the world, that doesn’t have to mean that you cannot also focus on your career while you travel. Thanks to smart technology, it’s now easier than ever before to work and learn from anywhere in the world. 


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Jessica Alexander

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