How to level up and increase overall progress in Final Fantasy 14

FF 14 is an ambitious project from the company SQUARE ENIX, which has set itself the goal of developing the Final Fantasy universe and pushing World of Warcraft from the leadership pedestal in the MMO RPG segment.


Where to begin

In Final Fantasy 14, as in all projects of this type in the MMO RPG genre, you need to undergo training.

You will be taught the basic mechanics of movement and combat, they will teach you how to interact with NPCs and use the skills of your specialization, you will be introduced to the system of quests and professions and sent to explore the world of FF 14 on your own with accompaniment in the form of tips.

You can skip the leveling stage and go straight to the content for high levels – raids, PVP systems, exploring large areas of new updates.

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Leveling with joining a group – at the agreed time, you need to go into a battle group with a professional Skycoach player and begin the process of obtaining levels. It is enough just to follow all the recommendations of the group leader and wait for instructions to move to the next locations.

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First quests

In Final Fantasy, as in many projects in the MMO RPG genre, there are two types of quests – main, story quests and secondary tasks.

Story quests

These are the main tasks. which are offered by the developers from SQUARE ENIX for Final Fantasy 14 players.

Such tasks are needed to gradually increase the level of the player, his financial situation, replenish him with equipment and other useful items, teach him new mechanics and tell the general history of the world around him, so that the player feels like a part of this universe, and not just a passing faceless traveler.

For the same effect, by the way, the main character’s avatar was added to all cut-scenes, to influence the character in the development of the story.

According to the assurance of game developers, it will take players at least 100 hours of real time to complete the entire storyline.

This is the most stable and incremental source of experience that Finl Fantasy 14 currently has.



Secondary quests

These are not mandatory quests given by most NPCs in the Final Fantasy world and it is up to the player to decide whether or not to accept them.

Such quests bring various rewards, including experience, but everything is situational and highly dependent on the NPC and the place of issue.

By themselves, such tasks are useless and not worth spending time, but if you combine them with the main tasks that can be completely completed in one location, then you can achieve more noticeable progress for your hero in one hour of time.


Hunting sheets

These are local errands that can be found on special pillars and taken on completion.

Often this is killing certain monsters in the right quantities, which are rewarded with experience and gils – the local currency of the Final Fantasy 14 world.


Raids and dungeons

One of the most interesting types of content for MMO RPGs is raids.

A raid is a fight as part of a fireteam against difficult monsters, which are called bosses for the sake of a lot of experience and rewards that cannot be obtained in any other way.

You need to collect or join a group, pick up a tank and healer, attacking characters and go to the first boss battles.

The boss is an improved version of the monster that has a large supply of health, strong damage, many skills that can destroy the group if it is not careful and retinue that helps the head of the dungeon himself, or prevents the group from destroying him by causing damage in response.

Fights usually take place in three stages with the destruction of each boss.

As a reward, you will receive equipment that exceeds the minimum threshold for entering the next raid in turn and a large amount of experience.

Plus, raids are in constant dynamics and interesting gameplay, in addition, as an incentive, there is a good reward.

If we discard all this and take into account only experience, then the overall progress depends on the time spent on the passage – if during this time you accumulated more experience from monsters in the process of grinding, then of course it should not be considered solely as a source of % to the level.

But the true role of the raid is in reward and drive.


Daily quests

This is the second type of assignment from which you can gain experience, provided that you invest in the time period that is issued to complete the task.

Quests are often not difficult and are somewhat similar to secondary tasks in their component. If you manage to achieve mixing of three types of tasks in one location, then in one game hour you can significantly increase your level.



Fate are random events that are starting to appear in the world of Final Fantasy 14.

You need to arrive at the spawn point of the monsters and start killing them. Keep in mind that there will be many applicants, and you will receive an experience coefficient from the damage dealt, so it is important to inflict at least one hit, but it is better to fully kill the monsters. There will be a lot of experience, but this is not a reason to quit farming. Fate is good in your free time and pass the queue waiting in the dungeon.


Experience Boosters

You can speed up your leveling by increasing the amount of experience you get from killing monsters and completing quests.

You can eat food – it gives a 3% bonus to experience gained.

Rest in the shrines – after a good recovery, you will receive a lasting effect that will increase the experience gained from all possible sources.



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