How Can I Plan a Birthday on a Budget?

When money is pretty tight, you may feel like you aren’t able to give your child the birthday party they deserve, or desire. However, being able to effectively manage one’s financial resources can be a normal part of life, and a good life lesson for the younger generation. While some compromises may be required, there are ways that you can plan a wonderful birthday for your child, even when you don’t have much money. These may also help to enable your child to appreciate some of the things that they have in life, as well as the work you put into acquiring them.

Getting your child a birthday present might be an important part of the way that you celebrate. For many shopping websites, such as Wicked Uncle, you can set it to show lower-priced items first. This way, you and your child could first look at more affordable options. They might have already expressed an interest in something. If this item is out of your price range, you may need to discuss this with them, or contemplate getting it at a later date. Alternatively, you could give an older child a set budget, and inform them that they need to find a gift, or several smaller ones, that fit within your given threshold.

Buying decorations for a party can quickly rack up an impressive bill. While you may need to buy some items, such as balloons, others may not necessarily be worth the money you spend. Sometimes, it can be cheaper, and even more fun, to make your own party decorations. The extra money could be saved if you already have materials at home that can be used, such as paper, card, colored pens, and even glue or tape. This could be something that the birthday child assists with, especially if they love all things to do with craft. You might also want to get siblings and other family members involved, to show your child just how much everyone loves them through the effort and time you put into their creation. Following the party, you could choose to store these for future use, or simply recycle them.

For the party itself, you might want to think about options that cost you as little money as possible. This could involve hosting a meal at home that you cook yourself, as a basic example. For something a little more time-consuming that children and teenagers may enjoy, you might want to think about hosting a movie night with all of the little luxuries that might be found at an actual theatre. This can include popcorn, snacks, and sweets, as well as the use of a projector or good-quality speakers to amplify the sound. Older children may also love it if you turn the movie night into a complete slumber party, so they can spend time with their friends all night


Celebrating your child’s birthday doesn’t always mean that you need to spend a lot of money. By carefully planning the occasion beforehand, you may be able to find ways to keep those costs down.


Stewart Thurlow

Stewart Thurlow

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Stewart Thurlow