How Can Hip Hop Fans Showcase Their Musical Taste Inside Their Homes

It’s no secret that hip-hop has become the most popular genre of music in America. For the first time, it’s been found that more people are listening to hip hop than any other type of music. And with such a wide variety of albums out there from which to choose, you’re bound to find one that speaks directly to your musical taste and preferences – whether you like old-school rap or new-school trap beats. But if you want your home space to reflect your love for this genre without breaking the bank on expensive pieces of furniture or art, here are some affordable ways you can do just that!


Display Your Vinyl Records

One of the best ways to show off your love for hip hop is by displaying vinyl records in clear, visible areas around your home space. If you have friends over, they’ll likely get a kick out of them – plus, it’s fun to look through others’ collections! If you’re proud of your record collection and like to display your favourite pieces, vinyl records make a stylish home accessory if you wish to.

Of course, it depends where and how you’re listening to them. If you have an extensive collection, but you’re under budget, you may want to know what is the best turntable for under $200? Many choices depend on whether you’re looking for a belt-driven, direct drive, or cheap automatic table. Some record players are particularly antiques, so be sure to use them well.

Keeping your records clean is also important. There are many different products, such as the Discwasher D4, which you can use to keep your vinyl records clean and sounding great. You can also buy an old-fashioned wooden box if you have very valuable records.


Use Hip Hop Posters and Wall Art

Like vinyl records, add framed posters that add colour and character to your walls. If there is a particular rapper or hip-hop artist who has inspired you in some way over the years and you would like to show this, consider buying their hip-hop posters. You can find them easily online or at any bookstore, although many great wall art pieces aren’t actually posters.

If your budget is low, it’s possible to make your own wall art using old magazines, newspapers, and paint. For example, you could create a collage out of your favourite articles and selected hip hop images, or you could even print off lyrics from your favourite rap songs and make them into wall art to display around your home.

If you want to go the extra mile, consider using wall decals. Wall decals are different from stickers because they’re removable and repositionable. You could even create an entire mini-mural on any part of your walls by sticking together different wall decals.


Add Music Elements to the Rest of Your Home Decor

Don’t forget that you can also incorporate different music elements into your other home decor pieces! For example, you can use small pieces of vinyl records as coasters; they will look great on your coffee table or other surfaces while protecting them simultaneously!

It’s also possible to make your own curtains using cloth and fabric. Make sure to pick out brightly coloured materials, such as red or purple, and construct a unique design so that they stand out. You could even use the same ones to make small pillows or cushions for your furniture, or you can buy ready-to-use ones online.


Turn Up the (Home) Volume

Another good way to show off that you’re into hip hop is by carefully controlling your sound system. If you have a home theatre, it’s always fun to show off your high-tech equipment and listen to the deepest bass and clearest treble in the neighborhood. However, if you’re not into buying expensive speakers and home theatres, there’s no need – simply opt for wireless speakers!

This will allow you to play music throughout your entire home. You could even do the whole house – wirelessly! Wireless speakers are also great for taking outside so you can enjoy your favourite songs in your garden or at a barbecue, and they’re usually weatherproof too, so don’t worry about it raining on your parade!


From vinyl records and wall art to music elements in other home decor pieces, any fan can show off their love for rap music while staying on budget! Have fun with different styles like these – they might even inspire new ideas about how you want your space to look or feel. Who knows, you might find something new to add to your music collection!



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