Getting Around Auckland

Today, either people have somewhere to go, or they need to send stuff somewhere else. The people of Auckland are no different. Estimates show that Auckland has a population of nearly 1.7 million, making Auckland the most populous urban area in New Zealand. With that many people, transportation is a must. Transportation allows all forms of interaction among people despite the distances between them. These interactions can range from personal, such as seeing loved ones or, to business, such as delivering goods. Thus, transport has a crucial role in allowing relationships and economies to grow. For this reason, owning a vehicle or at least using a car or hiring a truck rental in Auckland comes handy.


The Auckland Traffic Issue

With all those people in one place, the traffic situation in Auckland has gotten frustrating. Traffic analyses in 2019 show that Auckland has the second most congested streets in Oceania, only trailing behind Sydney. Globally, Auckland has a ranking of 112th most congested city out of 403. The congestion can increase travel time by 29% when compared to 2018.


Some Improvements

There is, fortunately, good news. Those statistics are improvements when compared to 2017, which saw traffic congestion increasing travel time by 31%. The government recognized the problem and made efforts in converting drivers to public transport users. In the same traffic analyses, nearly 75% of the cities had higher or stable congestion volumes between 2017 and 2018, and Auckland was one of the 90 cities that had significant congestion decreases.


Fewer Vehicles

Nevertheless, these traffic statistics have caused some people to forego owning a car. Although New Zealand is one of the top countries with the highest numbers of households that own a vehicle, Auckland households have the lowest quantity of motor vehicles in the country. In 2018, there were 4,184 fewer cars in Auckland, with a net loss of 119.5 cars per week. It seems that more people prefer to use public transportation, and if people need to get behind the wheel themselves, opting for services such as a car or truck rental in Auckland which is more reasonable for the pocket as well.


Public Transport and Renting

The government in Auckland has been working hard to make public transport in the city more convenient. Options include train, bus, and a ferry that have regular routes in areas with significant foot traffic such as shopping, dining, and entertainment districts. Auckland transport statistics show that public transport in the city has an annual growth of almost 8%. The population in the city grew by 28% between 2003 and 2017, but the usage of public transport shot up to 63%.

In the few instances where a private vehicle is necessary when travelling to unpopular places or moving heavy objects such as furniture, hiring a car or truck rental in Auckland is more practical. Owning an automobile is no longer a necessity for most people in the world, and Auckland is becoming no different. Renting a car in New Zealand is generally inexpensive.

Countless urban areas in the world face traffic issues and growing populations have a high likelihood of making situations worse. However, cities like Auckland have acknowledged the problems and are addressing it. Public transport has received more attention. People now recognize the additional costs of owning a vehicle, so businesses like car and truck rental in Auckland are showing up. These efforts can help in getting transportation in the city progress.

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Jessica Alexander

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