Easy Ways To Personalise Your Car, Without Spending A Fortune

A car can be a real personal purchase, it can mean a lot to a person and reflect who they are. If however you have budget constraints and you cannot purchase the car you really want, the one thing you can do to show off your personality and make your car feel a bit more personal to you is to make some small interior or exterior modifications. Here are some easy ways you can personalise your car without spending a fortune.


Seat covers

Changing the seats can have a real transformative effect on the interior look of your car. Whether you opt for made to measure seats or off the rack you can choose a look and design that suits you. You can even have the option to have retrofitted heated seats for that added bit of luxe. Alternatively, if your budget is tight then consider buying a heated seat cover that plugs into your cigarette lighter. The same result for a fraction of the price. While on the topic of covers, don’t forget about the steering wheel cover as another option for a bit of personalisation.



While changing the pedals in your car will not have any effect on the performance of your vehicle it will change the aesthetics considerably. There is a large range of pedals you can choose from, from racing sport pedals to diamond-encrusted ones, yes really.


Personalised number plate 

A personalised number plate is one of the very best ways to add a personal touch to your car. One that can be viewed by all road users. Your personal plate can reflect whatever you want it to, it could be your name, business or even just a funny phrase that you hold dear. Getting personalised number plates is easy and affordable so don’t be put off or tricked into thinking it is an out-of-budget expense.


Car mats

Add some personality to your car by investing in some different car mats. Car mats are a great option as you can get as creative as you want with them and if your style or mood changes then you can just change out your mats for something else. If the mood takes you why not match your car mats to your seat covers or foot pedals to really emphasise the look you are going for.


LED floor lights

LED lights can be fitted in the footwells of your car and the colour can be changed to suit your mood and style as and when you feel like it. LED lights can transform an old retro classic car into a futuristic and modern ride. LED lights are a great affordable option as they are inexpensive to buy and equally as inexpensive to run.


An air freshener

Yes as mundane as an air freshener sounds there are some incredible quirky and different air fresheners available that can add a touch of personality to your ride. Air fresheners should not only be considered for the way they look but also for improving the comfort of your car and journey. An air freshener will add a nice scent to your car that can help you feel relaxed, calm, at home or just comfortable.


Car stickers

Car stickers can be added, and importantly, removed from the exterior of your car. You can buy generic factory styled stickers or even have a sticker personally made. These are a great option as they are only temporary and can be used to hide any blemishes, dings or dents on your car’s bodywork. That said, while they are designed to be temporary, removing them can be difficult and it can leave some discolouration to your car’s exterior if they are left on for a prolonged period of time.


Dashboard decor

There is a lot you can do to spruce up your dashboard. It may simply be adding a few stickers, a suctioned on the plastic figure or going all out and going for a carbon effect dash, the latest interior craze.



Adapting your alloys is likely to incur the biggest expense but it doesn’t have to be a bank breaker. There are lots you can do to change the look and feel of your alloys. You can have them painted, powder coating, diamond cut or even wrapped. The timing and cost will depend on the level of modification you want but you can rest assured that altering your alloys will give your car the ultimate personalisation.




Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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