Easy Tips for Easy Moving: Smooth Relocation Solutions

Moving houses or apartments can be very exciting—new neighbourhoods to explore, new spaces to decorate and new comforts to enjoy. However, the process of moving is not so fun and enjoyable, especially when you have a bunch of things that require careful packing. Hopefully, these easy tips for easy moving will make the entire thing a bit smoother and more pleasant for everyone. Here’s what you should do for a quick and easy relocation:


Declutter your mess

Before you start packing anything into boxes, see whether some things should rather be packed into trash bags. You probably have many things that have no place in your new home—declutter them, donate them or throw them away instead of wasting money on their relocation. Everything that’s unused, broken and unwanted should not follow you into your new house. Starting your life in a new location and with a clean slate is much healthier than relocating with all your unwanted junk.


Start early


Time flies and your relocation date will be here sooner than you thought. Therefore, it’s important to start prepping for your move as early as possible. Of course, you can’t put all your things in boxes and live like that for months, but you can pack certain things that you don’t use that much. Start with things that are not in season, such as Christmas decorations if you’re moving in summer or garden stuff and outdoor gear if you’re moving in winter. By keeping these things you don’t use at the moment in boxes, you’ll save yourself some time and effort when the moving day comes.


Hire experts or rent vehicles

If you decide to hire professional movers, you’re doing the right thing. Professional movers are great when it comes to packing, moving and transporting your goods from one place to another, especially in larger distances like across Australia. Professional movers know how to pack things, secure them for transport, and place them in your new location without damage and strain. However, if you want to do the process yourself, you’ll still need a vehicle. Luckily, you can find practical truck hire in Brisbane and move your possessions across Australia alone. With a practical truck or van, you can do everything in one trip and save yourself a lot of time and money.


Be careful with expensive and fragile stuff


While you can just stuff all your winter clothing in two or three boxes and tape it shut, you can’t do the same with certain precious possessions like art or family heirlooms. Pay special attention when packing and moving art—find protective wrapping, tape the glass and surround the item with packing peanuts or old newspaper. If you have any plants that are going with you, find a good box that fits snug around the pot. Secure the soil with wrapping paper, fill the remaining space with old newspaper and poke a few holes for airflow. Make sure to write on the box which side is up!


Pack an overnight box

Very few people pack, move, unload the truck and unpack all the boxes at their new place in one day—that’s a lot of work. It’s safe to assume you also won’t unpack all the boxes as soon as you arrive, especially after a long trip. For that reason, make sure to pack one box that will contain all the necessities to spend the night in your new place—some hygiene products, bedding, pajamas, change of clothes, some snacks, documentation, keys, etc. With these things near you, you can spend your first night in your new house without having to go digging through dozens of boxes to find your pajamas or locate some toilet paper.


Schedule utilities

On the moving day, you want to have everything in your new place ready to provide you with a comfortable life. It’s crucial to contact your utility providers and move all your services to your new place. Arriving, unloading and unpacking at your address can be made much easier when you have electricity, water and internet to enjoy.

If you start early, stock up on boxes and tape, find a good truck and arrive at a prepped home, your move can actually be fun! 



Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff