Australian Spots Definitely Worth Visiting in 2022

As the pandemic scare is leveling down, the global thirst for traveling is growing more and more. Countries are finally welcoming all visitors and offering tourists a wide variety of places to see. In 2022, people will definitely travel much more than in the last two years, and they are looking for something new, that will refresh their wanderlust after looking at their own city for so long.

In this new travel mania, Australia is opening its borders to all, and showing what beauty they keep for all of us to be amazed by. From wonderful nature, on both land and sea, to historical places that will connect you with their indigenous cultures, there is something for everybody.

Let’s talk about some of the most attractive destinations to visit in Australia in 2022.


Kangaroo Island

Even though almost half of this island was burnt in the so-called Black Summer that happened in 2019, it has definitely bounced back. Nature always finds a way and, with the help of the Australian people, it is finally thriving.

Kangaroo Island is the third largest island in Australia. Filled with unique nature experiences and amazing food, it is definitely a place worth visiting. Being just a short ferry ride from the South Australian mainland, there is no excuse not to go.

Just seeing the Remarkable Rocks and Emu Bay (named one of the best beaches on this continent) will blow you away.


Blue Mountains

Only an hour’s drive from Sydney, there is a place with an incredible view, gorgeous scenery, bushwalks, and great accommodation. The Blue Mountains offer both new and old sights definitely worth visiting. The iconic Three Sisters, which are hundreds of millions of years old, are one of the things you must see on your trip, as well as some newer things like the “Beyond Skyway” experience, where you can even climb out of the cable car above an ancient forest.


Magnetic Island

Even though it is located only 8 km from the Queensland city of Townsville, being on Magnetic Island feels like you are a thousand miles away from the mainland.

With so much natural beauty but also human-organized fun all over the place, a visit to Magnetic Island can take over your whole vacation and you’ll not get bored at all.

This island has approximately 320 sunny days a year, so trips to amazing beaches like Horseshoe Bay, Nelly Bay, the nudist beach at Balding Bay, and definitely the walking tracks through the Magnetic Island National Park are a must. If you prefer underwater fun, you can take a dive at Yongala Wreck (which is one of the top five diving places in the world) and, also, be sure to visit the freshly opened Museum of Underwater Art.

If you like group activities, you can take part in cane toad racing at Arcadia Hotel, see the koala park at Bungalow Bay, visit local art galleries, or just party at Base Backpackers above Nelly Bay.


Ningaloo Reef

If you are into adventures under the sea, diving at Ningaloo Reef should definitely be on your bucket list. It is on the World Heritage list, and for a reason. It is over 300 km long and home to some exquisite species.

If you decide to visit, the best way to access it is from Exmouth or Coral Bay. This way, you can walk right off the beach and enjoy snorkeling amongst 200 species of coral and around 500 species of colorful, wonderful fish. You can also swim with some gentle whale sharks, which are the biggest fish on the planet.



If you want a taste of true old-school Australia, maybe you should pay a visit to Adelaide. With a lot of unique foods and drinks, you can really feel welcome in this amazing country. Not only that, but you can see lots of rural roads, wine lands, true outback, and the bush, which make Australia famous in all those movies you’ve watched.

Go on a walkabout and experience Australian air like never before.


These are just some of the destinations you should definitely experience on your trip to Australia, but they’ll truly be worth your while. Enjoy your trip and send us some great photos with a wide smile!



Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff