Addicted to spending? Cut back on your habit with these easy saving solutions

Are you hoping to improve your financial situation? Do you find yourself reaching for your credit or debit card several times a day? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us are in the habit of either spending needlessly, or overspending on items we could get cheaper elsewhere.

It’s a common issue, but it can harm your financial standing, your credit rating and your future. It’s never been more important to reduce our spending habits, so if you’re looking for ways to cut back on your spending and save a little bit of money, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for how to cut back on your spending habit with these easy saving solutions.


Say no to cigarettes

Arguably, one of the most expensive habits out there, smokers are fully aware of the financial cost of their daily habit, with prices showing no signs of decreasing any time soon. The simplest way to save money on your smoking habit is by quitting, however that’s not always practical. This is why many people make the switch to a cheaper but equally effective alternative – vaping. In comparison, vaping is often better value than traditional smoking, with starter kits available to suit a wide range of budgets – and all available at 88vape – you can make the switch and start saving straight away!


Find out where you’re leaking money

Do you really know where all your money is going? The truth is, most of us are spending our hard-earned money without even realising it. All those old subscriptions for services we never use, gyms, magazines, online accounts etc could be costing you a fortune! It’s easy to forget about these financial-leaks when we move house or simply forget to cancel them, so go through your accounts now and unsubscribe mercilessly!


Always make a shopping list

If you’re someone who heads into the supermarket without a list, then you’re always going to be shocked when you hear the overall amount. Planning your meals and making a note of all the other household essentials you need before you reach the store will stop you from overspending, from making duplicate purchases and filling your basket with other unnecessary items.


Don’t buy on impulse

We’ve all been tempted by an influencer selling a cute outfit or scrolling through social media and spotting something we never knew we needed. While it’s tempting to click “add to basket” and put in your bank details as soon as possible, you should exercise restraint. Instead of an impulse purchase, sleep on your decision instead. You may find you don’t feel the same way in the morning!


And finally, make your own

Another effective way to remove the temptation to spend is by making your own things instead! Whether it’s a Chinese, Indian or pizza takeaway, a coffee from your favourite coffee shop or a birthday cake for a friend. Making your own treats and gifts from scratch is incredibly rewarding and much cheaper than buying them from a business!


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Stewart Thurlow

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