A Quick Guide to Car Batteries

The battery is the heart of the car, but it is also a part that many motorists know little about. It is important to know the different types of car batteries, what the signs are that you need a new battery and how to go about getting a replacement. You do not want to find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery, so keep reading for all that you need to know.


Types of Car Batteries

First, you need to know about the different types of batteries so that you can identify what kind you have in your current car. There are three main types of car batteries used in the UK and luckily there are online tools that will help you to find the right car batteries by entering your vehicle registration. Most cars in the UK run on a starting, lighting and ignition (SLI) battery that powers all of the electronics in addition to starting the car. There are also lithium-ion batteries, that are becoming more common and widely used in hybrid and electric vehicles, as well as lead-acid batteries that are sealed and cannot be serviced. 


Signs the Battery Needs Replacing

There are a few warning signs that the battery needs replacing, which should hopefully help you to avoid breaking down unexpectedly. The most obvious is the engine warning light that is likely to come on, which should never be ignored. Other signs that the battery is on its way out include dashboard lights flickering, windows rolling slowly and headlights going dim when idling. Another clear sign that you are having battery problems is the engine being slow to turn over.


Where Can I Get a Battery Changed?

Changing a car battery is actually one of the easier car maintenance tasks that you can do by yourself. However, it is understandable if you would rather leave it to the pros, and this is a service that any good garage will offer. Additionally, many garages now offer a mobile service so they can come to you, which is ideal if the battery is already dead or if you don’t have time to spare to visit a garage.


How Much Will it Cost?

Generally, a new car battery will cost between £60 and £150 plus the cost of labour. The cost will depend on the type and brand that you use and it is a good idea to compare prices to find a good deal. Additionally, many breakdown services will offer battery replacement covers, so this is worth looking into. 


It is always worth getting your battery checked if you spot any of the issues mentioned, as it is better safe than sorry. Hopefully, this quick guide will help you avoid a potential breakdown in the future.



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