8 Notable Things to Know Before Taking a Trip to Malaysia

When taking any trip out of the country, it’s always important to research your destination to learn more about it. Malaysia has much to offer and is a country full of bright people and cultures. Before embarking on your trip to this beautiful country, make sure you understand the ins and outs of how it works. Luckily you won’t be expected to have a visa to visit this country for the first 90 days, but there are things that you must have to make your travel life easier. Being unprepared or caught by surprise when travelling to a destination you’ve never been before can be jolting and cause issues. It’s crucial to make a note of the facts surrounding the country.


It is a melting pot!

Malaysia is a gigantic melting pot of people and cultures, and this is often enough to get people to choose it as their vacation destination. From Indian to Indonesian and Chinese cultures, this country combines heritages, languages, and religions. The neighbouring countries influence many things the Malay people have set in place.

This country is predominantly Muslim, and it should be known that it is pretty accepting of all religions. The religions that are in Malaysia aren’t limited to only Muslims. There are Buddhists, Christians, Hinduists, and even traditional Buddhists religions. When you travel to this destination, you will see all kinds of religious buildings like Mosques, Temples of Hindus and Buddhists.

When visiting these temples and mosques, always be respectful (and potentially cover yourself). If you don’t have long clothes on, they will provide you with a robe or sarong. The people of Malaysia are welcoming and polite, and you will enjoy interacting with them as the prominent language is English. No language barriers here!


Food will surround you.

The food in Malaysia will be available everywhere you turn and go. It is sold on the streets, and there are often many restaurants with certain specializations to offer. If you enjoy spicy food you will enjoy the cuisine in this country as many of their dishes are influenced by Indian and Indonesian spices. From Indian spices to Chinese noodles, Malaysian cuisine is something unique and will give your taste buds a good awakening.

The citizens of Malaysia are all foodies in disguise. The diversity of food here will make you want to stay a little longer. You will be offered food constantly and asked if you are hungry. You will form bonds with the people through the food, and you will enjoy how passionate they are about their cuisine.


Avoid taxis and grab an Uber

Beware of taxis as they can get expensive and some drivers can be extremely rude (like most places in the world). In places like the capital, Kuala Lumpur, taxis rank one of the world’s worsts. If you want to avoid the trouble of grabbing a taxi, try to find another way of transportation. There is public transportation like buses, or renting your own vehicle and driving it around.

It may be a surprise but Uber is available in this country and it is accessible to tourists like you. Try taking an Uber instead of waiting for a bus or dealing with a terrible taxi to make getting around easier. You will be able to chat with your drivers as they take you to your destination, and they may offer you insight into the best places to eat or best sights to see.  


Is it safe?

We all have the question of safety when we travel across the country to somewhere we’ve never seen. And to answer this heavily asked question, yes, Malaysia is safe for tourists. Everyone is very accepting and inviting, so chances are you won’t have to worry about dealing with many-sorted people along the way.

The whole country is used to seeing people so many different people around them that it isn’t shocking to see a tourist who may look completely opposite.


Make note of currency and costs

Currency in Malaysia is called Malaysian Ri. Its abbreviation RM. Malaysia isn’t an expensive co. And it is easy to buy food and shop around as there aren’t extensive pricing or taxing. Some even compare the costs of staying in Malaysia with those of Thailand as they are both reasonably priced.

You will have access to many ATMs across the country and won’t have to worry about converting your cash at the airport. Although some additional charges are added to your bills, it is a common courtesy for tourists to tip as well.


Animals call this their home too

The animals and wildlife live comfortably with the citizens of Malaysia, and it is obvious that they take care of their country. It holds about 20% of the worlds animal species and is considered a megadiverse country. Many people enjoy taking tours through the beautiful and lush rainforests to get the chance to see the unusual animals of Malaysia. Many of the exotic animals can be seen in the territory of Borneo, where you can find resorts and reserves where these animals roam freely. There are countless amazing animals that will blow your mind like:

  • Sun bears
  • Orangutans
  • Sumatran Rhinoceros
  • Malayan Horned Toads
  • Borneo Bay Cats
  • Clouded Leopards
  • Mouse Deers


Social media shines

Malaysians love social media, so if you want to add a friend you met out eating online, it will be easy, and they will be ecstatic to add you. They have been rated as the top country with the most people interested in social media and like to keep up with the fun sides of technology.

Don’t expect to go to this country and think no one has cell phones or technology. Don’t be ignorant to the fact that they have some technological advances and may know just as much or even more about what’s going on online than you.


Holidays and Festivals

Holidays in Malaysia are exciting and fun, and so are the many festivals. Because it is a predominantly Muslim country, Ramadan is an important holiday. But they won’t shun you for enjoying your food if you happen to visit during this time of year. Unlike in some other countries, anyone who isn’t Muslim or who is a visitor must refrain from eating or drinking in public to show respect for the fasting.


The many festivals and holidays Malaysia hosts are always open to the public and usually inviting to tourists. From labour day to the Chinese New Year, there are countless amounts of festivities that Malaysia celebrates, so don’t be afraid to join in.



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