5 Tips to Prepare for The Best Motorcycle Road Trip

Only by riding a motorcycle can you truly experience a fantastic holiday and understand what authentic adventure delights are. From mountains and lakes to beaches and resorts, with a motorcycle, you can plan out a perfect holiday and have a comfortable, exciting, and hassle-free journey. Those who wish to have smooth and exhilarating motorcycle holidays need to prepare for all the mishaps they might encounter during their road trip. Curvy roads, steep hills, bumpy pavements, and unpredictable weather are only a few things that can contribute to making your motorcycle holiday not that fun. Hence, here is a thorough guide that will help you prepare for unforgettable motorcycle holidays and prepare you for any unpredictable road outcome.


1. Get the top-notch bike


First, for a holiday without worries, you need to have a quality touring motorcycle that can adapt to any road maximizing your riding pleasure. You must look into all the bike’s features, and one of the most important things for a good holiday is flexibility, comfort, and safety in a motorcycle. Getting a cool-looking bike mightn’t take you where you want, so aim for a motorcycle that gives you pleasure in various situations. Do a thorough motorcycle bike research to find the one that fits all your needs, especially look into the bike’s weight. If you plan to rent a bike, make sure that you pick the ride wisely.


2. Pack smart

Packing for a motorcycle holiday is a whole other dimension. If you are used to carrying a lot of stuff, forget it! Even though you won’t be able to pack numerous different outfits, you can easily pack all the vital amenities and garments you need to make your holiday enjoyable. Most motorcycles can carry additional luggage, so you can find a good set of saddlebags that can be nicely fixed on the sides of the bike’s back seat. Next, you can get tail-bags and tank banks, but still, you would be limited with clothes. The most important thing to note when packing for the motorcycle holidays is to bring the important toiletries, underwear, necessary clothes, and other basic amenities. The best piece of advice is to pack light and prioritize the essentials.


3. Bring only the vital clothes and amenities

A motorcycle road trip fairly depends on the terrain and the climate of the place you are heading to. As you have limited luggage space on the saddlebags, you need to pack light and dress smart. The clothing you would choose for the motorcycle ride is far more important than the clothes for a holiday. Keep in mind to pack the essential motorcycle clothing equipment such as riding pants, weatherproof jacket, ankle boots, full-face helmet, and comfortable t-shirt. When on a motorcycle holiday, you would surely experience either extreme heat or cold, especially while you ride, so you need to carry an extra pair of a shirt if you sweat intensively.


4. Take plenty of breaks while on the road

Riding a motorcycle is not plain sailing. Try not to push yourself too hard to reach your destination fast. Take it slow and ride mindfully. It’s advisable to take breaks every hour because you can get agitated during nifty traffic and end up with saddle sores. When you realize your body demands rest, stop and take a break. This will also give you an insight into how much fuel you have left.


5. Ride mindfully

Before you set off on your journey, check the weather and prepare for the unexpected. Along your biking adventure, drink enough water to stay hydrated and boost your stamina. Don’t forget to pack some along-the-way meals to keep your energy high. Watch the road and don’t ride too fast or too slow. “Listen” to your bike and bear in mind to stay focused. Riding around 300km per day can be utterly frustrating so keep yourself motivated by taking breaks and marvelling at the sights along the road. Ensure that you are prepared for all before you start your motorcycle holiday.


Enjoying your motorcycle holidays is the best when you are adequately prepared. Follow the tips mentioned above for a mesmerizing motorcycle holiday experience.



Jessica Alexander

Jessica Alexander

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