5 Tips for Revamping Your Fall Wardrobe

With every season change, many new fashion trends arise. And it actually is a perfect time to try some new pieces, experiment with your outfits, and match them to the romantic fall weather. There are many tips and tricks on how you can revamp your closet to fit the whole fall vibe, and here are some guidelines on the popular trends for this season.


Bohemian romance

Regardless of the season, boho style has been with us for a couple of years now. And it will fit perfectly into your autumn wardrobe. Feminine, girly, romantic, and maybe a bit mystical, it kind of represents the fall, which is one more reason to love it. Lace is the most prominent detailing of boho clothes. Whether it is blouses, skirts, or dresses, get at least one lacy piece that you will be able to style in many different ways. If you want to step away from soft beige, nude, and pink colours, dark red, yellow, and green, earthy tones are just right for autumn. And don’t think you are going to have to give up floral prints because boho is all about flowers.


Play with accessories

Before we move on to the rest of your wardrobe, let us talk a bit about accessories. They may be the easiest way to freshen up your wardrobe because they can change a whole look regardless of what you are wearing. One of the first things that would make a difference is a designer bucket bag, which would help you style up any outfit no matter how simple it is. Their unique shape is just what you need this fall, and you can choose warm, earthy tones to go with the season.

Other details include jewellery. This season brings us so many unique and bold designs that we are not going to need much else – check out some of them over at Moon Magic. Oversized, statement earrings are a trend this fall as well. Long, dangling, tassels, even rhinestones are some of the earrings you will be able to wear to different occasions, from weddings to everyday, casual events. A pop of colour is another trend you can try by getting bright pieces, which will make your outfit stand out more.


Timeless classics

Fall is the perfect time to get some of the timeless classics you are missing in your closet. This way, you don’t have to worry too much about trends if that is not your thing, because you will know you have high-quality clothes that never go out of style. Some of these things may be a bit more costly, but they will certainly be worth it. A good-fitting pair of jeans is where you should start. They are always trendy, and you can wear them from morning to night on different occasions. Leather jackets, winter coats, and blazers are also on the pricey side, but a quality item like this will make even a $5 blouse you got on discount look amazing.


Androgynous fashion

Oversized blazers, tuxedoes, and sweaters, loose pants, and straight-cut, bold lines are all characteristic of a style we call androgynous. This is a unique, fun, and above all casual and comfortable style you will love. But don’t think it can’t look feminine and attractive. You can wear oversized blazers with a waist belt to emphasize your waist. Pair a good pair of beige loose pants with heels to create a more formal look. And for a casual vibe, tuck in a navy-blue oversized shirt into high-waisted mom jeans. Add some red lipstick, and big hoop earrings if you don’t want to go all out on this androgynous style.


Monochrome street style

Have you ever looked at your wardrobe and noticed that one colour is the dominant one? Well, this may come in handy this fall, since monochrome looks are back. So, you have a good reason to get yourself some new pieces in the same old colour you love so much. A basic white, A-line midi dress, paired with black boots, a black coat, and some statement sunglasses will be the perfect look. Another look can be a classic pair of dark denim jeans, and a basic white T-shirt paired with a leather jacket. You can break the monotony a bit with an interesting bucket bag, or with a more noticeable makeup look. A popular look is also all-nude outfits, so you can use those loose pants, an oversized sweater, and a long coat, and pair it with a cute belt bag to emphasize your waist. Statement earrings will definitely make a difference. You see how you can mix and match all of these trends into one?

With just a few of these pieces, you can refresh your wardrobe and every outfit you wear this fall season. Many of these are our all-time favourites, so don’t be afraid to pay a bit more because you will get a lot of use out of these pieces.

Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff