5 Habits to Keep Hair Healthy at Any Age

Many factors affect the health and fullness of your hair, including types of shampoo, heat styling, the amount of time spent in the sun, and age-related issues that can cause breakage or thinning. However, solutions like hair treatment for hair loss, or deep conditioner for over-processed, brittle hair, can keep your hair healthy and full at any age. Additionally, incorporating a few simple habits into your hair care routine can help keep your tresses in the best shape possible.

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Here are five easy habits to keep your hair healthy and strong:


1. Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

Shampooing your hair every day can strip it of protective oils that keep your hair looking and feeling smooth and healthy. So instead of washing every day, try every other day or even a few days in between. If your hair is feeling too oily between washes, try a dry shampoo to freshen it up.


2. Treat Your Scalp

Don’t forget about your scalp, which plays a massive role in the health and appearance of your hair. A weekly scalp treatment will help keep your hair follicles clean and clear, preventing inflammation and blockage that can eventually lead to thinning hair.


3. Choose the Right Shampoo

Check the labels carefully and make sure that the product is suitable for your hair type. Using a shampoo that is not the right fit for your hair can leave it too oily or too dry. Clarifying shampoos can be helpful, mainly if you use serums or mousse regularly, but using them too often can strip your hair of its natural oils and make it overly dry and brittle. Instead, consider alternately with a regular shampoo with a cleansing conditioner, which has the lowest amount of detergents.


4. Protect Your Hair From Heat and Sun

The combination of blow-drying, heat styling, and sun exposure can wreak havoc on your hair. When your hair is still damp after shampooing, apply a heat protectant spray or serum before blow-drying to avoid damage. Also, look for products that have SFP protection to keep your hair healthy after a day at the beach.

To minimize the time it takes to blow-dry, blot your hair thoroughly (don’t rub) with a towel to remove as much moisture as possible beforehand. This will significantly reduce the time it takes to dry your hair and minimise heat damage.


5. Smooth It Down

To boost shine and softness, try a smoothing serum, oil, or mousse. To create the most natural look (some oils and serums can leave your hair looking oily or fake), choose a dry oil that contains less oil and silicones.

Pay attention to how long you leave your conditioner in—at least five minutes will be most effective. Then, rinse in cool water to maximize smoothness and shine. In addition, a deep conditioning treatment about once a week to reboot and add an extra boost of moisture.


With the right products for your hair type and adding a few healthy hair habits into your routine, you can keep your hair looking and feeling great at any age.



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