5 Fantastic Reasons to Live in LA

LA is the largest city in California and has so much to offer its residents. Of course, as home to the famous Hollywood, it attracts a lot of people through the gates each year, but what are the reasons behind these moves? Not everyone is an aspiring movie star or filmmaker, after all, and LA has so much more to give than just this. Here are five fantastic reasons to live in LA.


The Beaches

LA has some of the most famous beaches in the entire world. Given that the weather is almost always sunny and warm, the sand and sea get a big look in from residents and tourists in the area. There are plenty of things to do and lots of events dotted about as well. People work out on the beach, and there is a big surf culture as well. If you move to LA, you will have the quieter options like
El Matador to uncover alongside more popular spots like the Surfrider beach to explore as well.


The Social Scene

LA is well known for its party scene, and the social times are definitely thriving. If you love to meet new friends and get to know a range of people, this is undoubtedly the spot for you. Alongside the nightclubs and endless parties, there are fantastic services delivered right to your home for a house event as well which will keep the night flowing and make the fun factor last as long as you want it to.


High Wages

Did you know that LA has one of the highest minimum wages in the entire country, coming in at over $15 per hour? It is, of course, associated with the movie makers, but the employment economy goes beyond just this core aspect. There are a lot of tech companies here, and it is a place that thrives from its startups and small businesses scattered throughout the key areas. This range of opportunity means that the wages are increasingly higher and higher, and you can expect a decent starting salary if you take up a permanent position in of the many firms throughout the city. High paying, in-demand industries include agriculture, healthcare, hospitality, the arts, and construction.



Los Angeles has a fantastic and diverse scene. There are a lot of neighborhoods to discover as you move throughout the city and some of these are filled with different cultures, intriguing diversity, and beyond. It’s not just about Beverly Hills or Hollywood, after all; you can find amazing things in Downtown LA, Malibu, Koreatown, and beyond as well. Where you live will really determine what you get out of the experience of living here, so it is a great idea to get out there and explore some of these areas to see what you connect with. You never know the surprises waiting for you, and the housing varies so widely that it will knock you off your feet.


The Culture

The LA culture hits differently. This is an undeniable fact. There is something about this place that inspires confidence, calm, wellness, and general health. People are so focused on being healthy and living up to their authentic potential that is hard to escape the positivity oozing from every corner and every person walking about. There will always be something to do and a new thing to discover, but you will also be able to find yourself in such a unique way and find people who appreciate you
for who you truly are.


LA is one of those places that just draws people in. From the beaches to the club scene and the work opportunities in between, there is something about this location that speaks to the soul.

Stewart Thurlow

Stewart Thurlow

I once shared a lift with Meryl Streep & Julianne Moore. Oh, & Victoria Beckham smiled at me. UK Editor for ADDICTED.
Stewart Thurlow