4 New Sports to Try in Summer 2023

Although it’s the depths of winter at the time of writing, many are already beginning to plan their summer 2023 travels and consider booking their holidays.

The past few years have seen significant levels of disruption to international travel due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, the travel industry is slowly coming back, meaning there is no time like the present to try something brand new, especially if summer fitness is on your mind.

So, if you already have summer, here are four sports to try out on your 2023 holiday.



Although there are many sailing clubs around lakeside destinations, you could either join one or buy a secondhand sailing boat and restore it yourself. For example, if you need to fix the sail, you can use reputable companies like Ormiston Wire to supply you with study marine wire for your new sail.

Sailing has many advantages; it can increase independence and confidence, help you develop problem-solving skills, and teach you how to read fast-changing weather.

Additionally, sailing can promote general fitness, as a high level of exercise and lifting is involved.



Geocaching is a worldwide hobby that you can find in virtually every country in the world. It involves hiding and finding small capsules containing mystery objects in random places.

Many geocaches contain small trinkets, old money and a logbook to record those who have successfully found it.

To play, all you need to do is download the Geocaching appand register. Registered geocaches can be found on a map and can be a fantastic activity for the whole family. 



Bouldering is a climbing sport. Unlike traditional climbing, bouldering is a form of free climbing, using only climbing shoes and a crash mat, but does not traditionally encompass heights as high as those seen in other climbing sports with protective equipment and harnesses.

You can use websites like BananaFingers to find excellent quality climbing shoes that will give you the grip you need while bouldering.

Bouldering relies on climbers finding hands and footholds in natural recesses in rock surfaces and artificial walls to climb, usually at a maximum height of around 6 metres.

Adopting bouldering as a sport relies heavily on upper body strength, good balance, and learning to move your body in sync.



Although not a particularly active sport, archery is considered one of the agile sports, requiring concentration, coordination, flexibility and power to succeed.

Originally a combative activity used in battle, archery is now mainly practised as a solo competitive sport and can be helpful in toning arm and shoulder muscles and improving agility and control.


Do you know of any unusual sports to try in Summer 2023? Leave your answer in the comments below!



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