4 Jobs that Might Give You the Most Freedom

Your job and career are two of the most critical choices that you can make. If you enter a career field that you strongly dislike, it will be hard for you to your work-life. That’s because most people spend a lot of time every week at work, and if your job makes you miserable, that’s probably going to leak over into other areas as well.

Maybe you want a job that allows you to support yourself, but you still have a great deal of freedom. There are certainly some jobs that exist that meet those qualifications, so let’s briefly go over a few of those.


Truck Driver

Companies often need truck drivers. One estimate says that there are about 3.5 million truck drivers in the United States, and they constantly work, moving all kinds of items around the country that help keep it running smoothly.

A truck driver is also a job where you can enjoy a lot of personal freedom. You must indeed deliver your cargo to a specific city by a particular time, but at least you have many hours on the road to yourself. You don’t have a boss breathing down your neck, nor do you have any annoying coworkers.

If you have strong antisocial tendencies, this career will suit you well. Also, you seldom have to attend college to drive a truck.

There’s one more thing worth considering. If you want even more freedom, you can purchase your rig rather than using one that your company gives you. If you do this, then you truly are your own boss, since you can work as much or as little as you desire, making your hours and schedule to suit yourself.

If you’re interested in this line of work, it’s important to be prepared for the job even before you start. By looking into an expert truck driver recruiting evaluation, you can ensure that you have all the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this field. Further, you can also learn about the various career growth opportunities that this job offers.


Park Ranger

Park ranger is another excellent job for the antisocial individual. This is another career into which you can step if you like being by yourself with no one else for miles around.

You can stay at ranger’s stations in national parks for days on end if you want. The birds, animals, and insects will keep you company.

You do have to answer to human bosses, but they’re very seldom around. You have hours to observe nature and enjoy quiet contemplation on humanity’s existence and purpose. On the negative side of things, the average park ranger does not make very much money.


Bar or Restaurant Owner

Maybe you have some business or managerial skills, and you’re also ambitious. If the hospitality or culinary industry interests you, you might try opening a restaurant, bar, or a combination of the two.

You do need to have a good business skill set for this job. While you don’t need to go to college, you’ll probably find it helpful.

If you have some gumption, you can succeed in this industry, and if you’re the owner, you don’t answer to anyone. The only thing to remember is that this is a highly competitive field, and you never know when something like the coronavirus is going to come along to throw your life into a tailspin.


Computer Programmer

You can also be a freelance computer program. You can create software platforms or websites, and if you’re talented enough, your skills will probably be in high demand.

Going to college helps with this job, but you might also be an autodidact, meaning that you taught yourself the computer programming skills you need to succeed in this profession. If you remain a freelancer, then you can work as much or as little as you like, making your hours and often working from home as well.

You might have more job security, not to mention benefits like health insurance, if you join a company. However, if you do that, then you’ll lose some of the freedom that you so highly prize.


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