10 Mesmerizing Snorkeling Locations Around the World

Snorkeling is, without a doubt, one of the best activities you can try out on your travels. You must first pick out the best locations for snorkeling. Whether it’s in the Hawaiian islands such as Maui or the Maldives, we have picked out some highly recommended snorkeling hotspots to get an experience that will stick with you for life. Let us dive right into it.


What is Snorkeling?

The act of swimming wearing a mask and other swimming essentials is known as snorkeling. This activity allows you to take a break from the typical places travelers visit during sightseeing (historical monuments, for example) and dive below the water surface. You can completely surround yourself with all the beauty mother nature has to offer.


Where to go Snorkeling?

Finding the best spots for the activity is of utmost importance to fully enjoy all that snorkeling offers. We could just dive into lakes, but that wouldn’t allow us to witness the beauty of life that is present below the surface of the water. Furthermore, with coral bleaching in effect, scientists say that coral is likely to die out in the near future. To get the ultimate experience, going out of your way to plan a complete trip for snorkeling is actually a great idea. Let us look at the best destinations you can pick.


1. The Island of Maui in Hawaii

Whenever you plan a vacation to Hawaii, more specifically to the island of Maui, diving into the embrace of the beautiful warm waters is undoubtedly one of the best activities. The best snorkeling in Maui can be experienced in Kapalua Bay Beach, the Ahihi Kinau Natural Area Reserve, or the Honolua Bay. The waters surrounding Maui are rich in aquatic life and mesmerizing sceneries due to the volcanic eruptions that used to take place in Hawaii.

Additionally, the island is filled with on-land activities to take part in as well, so you don’t get bored after you are done snorkeling. Hiking along the Kapalua Coastal Trail is just one of many on-land activities you can engage in.  


2. Ambergris Caye, Belize

The largest island in Belize, Ambergris Caye, is home to the largest barrier reef, the only exception being Australia. The waters here are dense, with many different aquatic species swimming around, including eels and rays. The Caribbean coastline by Ambergris Caye is the perfect place for you to fulfill your dreams of swimming with sharks.


3. The Maldives

Among all the locations mentioned in this article, The Maldives is perhaps the most widely known. There are about 700 species of fish swimming around its shores, making it the perfect place to go snorkeling. Whether it’s a trip by yourself or with the whole family, Maldives is rich in activities to take part in, such as surfing or just enjoying the undersea gardens with its wildlife.


4. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

When we talk about snorkeling, the great barrier reef in Australia is bound to come up. This place stretches for about 1400 miles due to 2900 separate reefs off Australia’s shorelines. Not only does this location have an abundance of marine lifeforms, but it also has shipwrecks spread throughout which further adds to the mystery and excitement. The great barrier reef is a must-visit if you are an ocean or aquatic life form enthusiast.


5. Komodo Island, Indonesia

Indonesia is a popular tourist spot mainly because of the giant lizards which live there. iIts underwater inhabitants add to the charm. On Komodo Island, Pink Beach is a great place for swimming with all types of aquatic life forms. However, if you are still not impressed, the sea surrounding the island’s national park has so many different life forms and corals to see that one dive simply won’t be enough to catch it all. You are bound to impress your partner with this plan.


6. Palau

Although it consists of 500 small islands, The archipelago of Palau has only one marine lake that is open for snorkeling. However, it is most certainly worth the trip as the Island of Eli Malk within this archipelago has a Jellyfish lake which is an experience unlike any other. As the name of the lake suggests, it is filled with millions of golden jellyfish that have inhabited these waters for centuries.

Furthermore, diving in and swimming alongside them is completely safe as their stings are not poisonous and can barely be felt by humans. Although a large variety of different life forms do seem appealing, swimming with millions of jellyfish can be just as fascinating.


7. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The last location on the list is made up of 19 volcanic islands. Here, you can find finches, iguanas, and tortoises, as well as several other types of life forms. Go below the water, and you find the real treasure of this land as the place is filled with unique life forms such as dolphins, orcas, and even humpback whales. You can find Galapagos penguins and sea lions here as well. Swimming here is only for the brave as not all can swim in Devil’s Crown among such dangerous yet mesmerizing wildlife.

Although at first thought, snorkeling may not be your ideal choice of adventure. Soon, though, you will realize what you have been missing by putting the activity off. Then there’s no going back as you can’t help but want to escape into the beautiful underwater sights again. We hope that this article has helped you plan your next vacation with snorkeling as one of your chosen activities. Have Fun! 



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