Work Safety Tips For Small Business Owners

Just because you have a small business and not a 100+ employee company, it doesn’t mean you can skip all safety elements in the workplace. It’s just as easy to get injured at a small business as it is at a big one. Therefore, it’s crucial to always practice work safety and keep your employees and yourself safe and healthy. Here are a few work safety tips for small businesses that should be considered. 


Proper safety training

Probably the best and most effective way to improve safety at work is to have trained and educated staff on what it means to have a safe work environment. Organize proper training for all new members of the collective and make sure to educate everyone on different safety gear, machine handling, vehicle safety, etc. When people know all the risks that can occur at their job, they are more likely to keep an eye on each other.


Regular drills

This is probably the most boring part of safety, but people are forgetful and can easily start disregarding their past safety training. It’s necessary to remind people of their training with safety drills that will ensure everyone is ready in an emergency. While reading and listening to instructions is useful, nothing can replace actual drills being performed regularly. It’s always better to have regular drills than to have a hurt employee because they forgot about their training.


Proper gear and wear

Depending on your line of work, all your employees need to wear proper safety gear. This safety gear ranges from hard hats and safety goggles to durable pants and high visibility gear. In the UK, workers are prescribed by law to wear proper protective gear as well as accessories that can ensure their safety at the workplace. And luckily, it’s easy to find workwear in the UK that matches any industry that requires workwear, safetywear and protectivewear. Their collections are suitable for various types of weather, working conditions and tasks. Insist on all of your workers wearing their proper gear and wear and they will not only enjoy better safety but also better mobility and comfort.


Good role models

It’s well-known that people learn by watching others. Therefore, it’s crucial to provide your workers with positive role models that will guide your workforce and improve their safety habits. Management has to pay special attention to safety rules because when workers see management following the rules they’ve prescribed, the staff will most likely follow those rules without any issues. On the other hand, if management doesn’t follow their own rules, why should the workers be forced to do so, when they are obviously not that important?


Mandatory breaks

Employers think that by reducing breaks, they can expect better productivity and better savings, but that’s not true at all. In fact, when employees are taking their scheduled breaks, they have an opportunity to refuel their energy, rest, reset their brains and reduce stress. And with a rested brain and a strong body, you can greatly reduce safety errors and avoid many injuries and mistakes that can cost you great talent and great money. According to law, all workers have to have at least one 30-minute break for every eight hours of work, as well as shorter breaks in between. Additionally, some employers provide a Medicare benefit provider network as part of their benefits package. This network offers employees supplemental Medicare coverage, helping them manage healthcare costs and access the necessary care.


Secure environment

Here’s a very important part of employee safety that often goes very neglected—the freedom to report issues to management. It’s crucial to provide workers with an environment that allows them to voice their concerns without any consequences. Reassure your employees that they can come to you with any issues and recommendations, and actually take action to fix problems without any retaliation, and this is a safety concern every employer should know.


Small businesses need to practice proper workplace safety and ensure their employees are safe and healthy. This is the best way to ensure loyalty and produce great work with minimal losses.



Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff