Tips to Follow After a Car Accident

When you enter traffic in your car or bike, you automatically risk getting into an accident. This is something that happens to almost every driver, and it mostly ends with nothing but a few scratches to your car. However, no matter the cause or outcome of the accident, it’s always stressful and requires the people involved to make the right moves that will ensure everyone is fine. Here’s what you should do following a car accident:


Stay calm

This is easier said than done, but try to keep your cool as much as you can. When you’re calm, it’s much easier to use your brain, make all the right decisions and deal with the aftermath of the accident. Don’t make any sudden moves or start attacking the people around you—this will only make matters worse.


Check in with the people involved

Do you have any visible injuries? What about your passengers? If it appears that anyone is hurt, make sure to call 911 or ask someone else to do so. If you or anyone else is seriously hurt, try not to move your body or their bodies until the ambulance arrives. Any movement can cause an even more serious injury.


Get to safety and call the police

In case your accident wasn’t too serious and you can move, exit the vehicle and get to safety. If your vehicle is causing a major hazard the way it’s placed on the road, try to move it. Otherwise, just leave it there and wait for the police. The police should be called no matter if you were involved in just a simple fender bender or a serious accident. In some states, it’s legally required to call the police, it’s a no-brainer. Once they arrive, the officers will fill out the forms and document the events. This is very important because once you want to file a claim with your insurance provider, they will ask for the police report.


Get a lawyer

If the accident is a little more serious, you can get a lawyer to help you get your claim or to protect your interests. After the claim has been made and you got the results, it’s possible to file a complaint in case you aren’t satisfied with the outcome. You and your auto injury attorney can work together to either go to trial or seek arbitration. No matter which one you choose, hiring someone experienced is your best bet to get to the justice you deserve.


Collect information 

The police will take pictures and ask questions, but you can do the same as well, just to protect yourself and your interests. Start by taking pictures of the accident from all angles, including the other car and its license plates as well. Take everyone’s names and talk to witnesses if there were any around. It’s important to ask for witnesses’ contact information and permission to call them in case you need to collect more info. Also, note down the names of the officers at the scene and ask them for a copy of the report for your legal team.

These visual records capture the scene’s condition, vehicle damage, skid marks, and other crucial details that may vanish or be altered over time. By providing a visual narrative of the accident, these photos serve as concrete evidence that can support the attorney’s case. They help the car accident lawyer demonstrate the severity of the impact, the extent of property damage, and even potential contributing factors like road hazards or traffic signals.


Things to avoid

It’s equally important to know what NOT to do after an accident. In no case should you leave the scene of the accident because it can result in a criminal charge, which is a very serious sentence. Also, don’t place or admit guilt—this is the job of the police, the court and the insurance companies. In case an insurance adjuster contacts you for more information, don’t talk to them unprepared but ask to reschedule the call after you’ve consulted with your lawyer. Finally, make sure to check your premiums after the accident and see whether the accident has affected them. 


Being in a car accident is stressful and dangerous, but hopefully, knowing what to do in case of it can calm your mind a little bit.



Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff