Tips for Better Workforce Recruitment

If you want to be a great business leader with a growing business, it’s completely necessary to go through talent seeking and hiring. The process of recruitment seems pretty straightforward but it’s not always simple. It’s easy to attract the wrong candidates, forget to test certain aspects of recruits and turn off the best candidates from applying. So how do you conduct top-notch workforce recruitment and end up with worthy additions to your team?


Write a good job description

Your job description is the first interaction a candidate has with your business or organization, so make sure it’s written accurately, with all the elements that reflect your brand and the job that you need help for. Pay special attention to responsibilities and requirements for the job using brand-specific language (this will get the candidate more familiar with your company). Essentially, say what you need from your new worker and what you offer in return for their work. With a good job description, candidates who are not the right fit will automatically skip the application, and you’ll have a well-rounded group of people to evaluate.


Take time to analyze applications

Soon, you will start receiving applications that require to be reviewed. This can be a task reserved for one or two people who are qualified to recognize talent and choose good candidates. There are also recruiting software options, or you can simply leave everything to professionals. Companies dealing in recruitment process outsourcing offer not just sourcing services that include the placement of candidates, but they can design and execute the entire recruitment process. If you’re too busy to handle recruitment, this might be the best idea for you. Anyway, make sure to compare resumes and see how they look against your job requirements. The resumes with the best fit should go to the next state.


Do a phone interview

When you find candidates that might be qualified to fill the position, ask for a phone screen interview. This is a short interview that lasts anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes. It’s a preliminary ‘exam’ that requires the candidates to answer certain basic questions so that the employer can get to know them better. Usually, the interviewer will ask about their skills, their previous experience and what they decided to apply for this particular job. It’s important to keep these phone interviews uniform by writing down questions and evaluating answers. The interview should give you a rough picture of the person and their soft skills.


Do in-person interviews

During the phone interview phase, certain candidates will be discarded and the others will continue to the next round of testing. What follows is an in-person interview (or video call, depending on the situation and remoteness of the candidate). This is an in-depth interview that includes testing the skills and checking how the candidate will fit into your organization.


Check their backgrounds

This is a very important step that many employers forget to do. One of the final steps before offering the job should be a background check. Take all the references and contact them about the candidate, but also try to check their pre-employment background. The role of a background check is to see whether the candidate is legally fit to be your employee. And make sure to be objective when it comes to results and avoid any discrimination. For instance, if you’re hiring a driver and find traffic violations, it’s valid not to hire them. However, if you’re hiring a marketing expert, these traffic violations shouldn’t matter. There are many companies specializing in background checks that can help you do this step legally and properly.


Give an offer

And finally, it’s time to offer the job to suitable candidates. Make sure not to wait too long to extend an offer, because good candidates are hard to find and they usually disappear off the market quickly. An offer should contain all information concerning the pay and the benefits, and get ready to negotiate!


If you follow these steps, you’re guaranteed to get the best candidates that are a great fit for your company. And good workers are what’s going to push your organization further than you might think possible—it’s worth the hustle.



Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff