The Best Foods for Summer 2021

After a long and tiring year, lockdown restrictions are finally easing. Most people can’t wait to get back outside and enjoy everything the summer brings, and that includes dining with family and friends. Since the pandemic has caused such a significant health scare in many people’s lives, food trends are turning away from convenience and fast food towards healthy and nutritious habits. So what foods are going to be on trend this 2021 summer and beyond? Let’s find out!

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Grill Season

After being trapped indoors for so long, this summer is all about outdoor grilling and BBQs! In 2020, BBQs and other outdoor grilling equipment sold out everywhere as people sought out new ways to cook at home. This BBQ trend shows no signs of slowing down for the 2021 summer, so fire up your grill and partake in the fun! Outdoor grilling offers you the opportunity to not only cook outdoors but to spend quality time with your family and friends. 

If you’re new to the grill and don’t know where to start, try a meal kit delivery service like HelloFresh! With great grilled meals such as BBQ BabyBack Ribs and Miso Apricot Salmon, HelloFresh takes all the guesswork out of meal prep and grilling for you. Through the HelloFresh promo code provided on this page, you can even save on your next subscription! 


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Vegetarian & Vegan Food

As the ongoing pandemic made many people question their lifestyle choices, many turned to vegetarianism and veganism to try and improve their health. In fact, many countries have seen a major rise in vegetarianism and veganism in the past couple of years. 

How can you take part in this push towards a plant-based lifestyle? Start by trying to go meat-free for just a few meals a week. Research healthy meat-free recipes you think your family will enjoy and try them out. Don’t get discouraged if every meal isn’t a hit. There are probably meat dishes you don’t enjoy as well! Experimenting with new foods and flavors should be exciting, not frustrating! Most of all, have fun. 


Eco-friendly Options

The pandemic ignited already existing concerns about climate change, and, as a result, many people have begun to question their own role in the sustainability problem. Consumers can influence producers with their purchasing power, and lately, we’ve seen a shift in how people see the “eco-friendliness” of their foods. In order to help combat climate change, people are seeking to reduce their plastic consumption and seek out healthy, local food options rather than relying on traditional supermarkets.

How can you make your own meals a little more eco-friendly? Here are some tips: 


  • If food waste is a problem in your household, opt for frozen!
  • Choose packaging made from recyclable or sustainable materials.
  • Shop local like your local farmer’s market or grocer.
  • Choose vegetarian and vegan options when available. 


Don’t worry about incorporating all these tips at once. If you start small and commit to changing one habit at a time, you’ll be more likely to succeed. 


Healthy Superfoods

On top of wanting less meat and more eco-friendly food options, people are looking to enjoy a healthier lifestyle altogether. Food with “healthy credentials” is trending, and people are looking for ways to eat more nutritious and more balanced meals filled with fruits and vegetables. 


The easiest way that you make your own meals a little healthier? Try to fill up on fruits and veg! Not only will you be consuming massive amounts of healthy vitamins and minerals, but it can also decrease stress, decrease bloat and give you younger looking skin! At every meal, try and make sure that half of your plate is dedicated to a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables.



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