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Holiday Cocktails – We’ve got your recipes here

This holiday season we’ll be mixing things up again, cocktail wise, and Jack Daniels has created just the thing for the occasion; their new Tennessee Rye. With 151 years of whisky making experience, the Jack Daniel Distillery had definitely earned the cred to…


Whiskey – The Definitive World Guide

I love Whiskey. It’s true. Now that doesn’t just mean I like drinking it, I also really love learning about different brands, blends and types of whiskey. So when I was running around at TIFF and came across the good people…

A Day with J.P Wisers

If you’ve paid any attention at all to my life, you know that I love Whisky, Whiskey, Rye, and Scotch. Thus I have spent part of my career learning about whiskey, the brands, and the entire industry that surrounds it….