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New Music Friday – Halloween 2020 Edition

What could possibly be scarier than Halloween of this dumpster full of medical waste on fire year a few days before America decides whether or not to continue aiming the steering wheel towards the edge of the existential cliff like…

Mick Flannery in the ADDICTED Music Dept.

As promised, more regular episodes of the ADDICTED Music Dept. podcast. EPISODE 3: Irish singer/songwriter Mick Flannery chats with ADDICTED music editor, Aron Harris about the highs and lows of being out of one’s comfort zone, both geographically and creatively….

New Music Friday – Distinct Voices Edition

Another Friday, another slew of great new music to fire up your amygdala. I think my inbox was so backed up, I was reading emails from when it was still cold outside. Yep, emails as far back as May… The…