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New Music Friday – Themeless Edition

We don’t need a theme! The world is a flaming sewage pit of avarice and hatred that is impossible to extinguish! Fuck it! Let’s listen to great music! Sorry, that’s a terrible way to introduce new music to new listeners….

Top Albums of 2018 – Opinionated Music Editor Edition

It’s not a small amount of dread that comes with compiling a ‘best of’ list at the end of the year. Turning art into a competition is one of my pet peeves, so it’s with reluctance but with an understanding…

Emma Ruth Rundle and Jaye Jayle in Toronto

Married couples have been peppered throughout modern musical history. Famously, Jay-Z & Beyoncé. Kurt & Courtney. Johnny & June are obvious examples. More infamously, Ike & Tina, George & Tammy and Chad & Avril come to mind. Sorry about forcing…