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Slicked back summer style for bottle blondes (or anyone really)

Photo by Frank Uyt den Bogaard on Unsplash When you’re a natural dark brunette who craves perfect platinum locks, you quickly come to terms with the toll it takes on your hair.  Dryness and damage are a fact of life when you turn…


Get tickets to Toronto’s biggest ladies night out for less

We have a connection with the fam over at Handsome International Men, so when they let us know that one of Toronto’s most popular ladies nights out has now become Canada’s most successful, well we not only had to share…

Love yourself: The Single Gal’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is just a week away, and already I’m annoyed.  Even when I’m not single, Valentine’s Day has always been offputting to me (it’s my dad’s birthday and mine is the 14th of November – you do the math)….