Importance of a Good Domain For Your Blog

Your website name is one of the first things that your customers notice when arriving on your web page or searching up your business. It’s the key component that can make your company stand out and make your business grow. So why is the domain name so important? 


You will benefit from a fluid web presence

Whenever someone searches or visits your URL, your presence on the web grows and you can gain more views (your URL is essentially the server of a website). Your URL gets a domain name that will make it unique to your business. Every time the domain name changes, you have to start building your website all over because your URL will change. However, some cases are an exception like unique blogs, services and companies that can change their domain without losing the presence they already gained. So choosing the right name the first time allows you better presence and a more fluid online existence. 


You will establish a good reputation

A proper domain name with a reputable extension will make you easily recognisable and help you establish your name. Consumers are looking for reliability in the businesses they support, and such a website name will ensure customers that you’re a legit website. Your domain name can elevate your business and ensure that you’re up-to-date with trends instead of being behind the times. On the other hand, a “bad” domain name will make people question your personal or business reputation and credibility even before they study your website and see your work. 


You will reinforce your brand recognition

Your domain should match the name of your business to make it much easier to remember and search by people who are interested in your products and services. For instance, having a personal domain name with .me extension is a great solution for making your address more memorable and recognisable. Such domains stay in people’s minds and are easily shared with others, so you can gain a lot of brand recognition in a short time. 


You will boost discoverability online

If you choose to go without a domain name (it’s possible to do so) or if you choose a name that’s too generic, you can’t expect any worthy random traffic. Your website will be mainly reserved for people who intentionally search for your website due to recommendations or prior knowledge. In the plethora of domain names, this practice will leave your website buried under the sea of competition. On the other hand, a strategically-chosen name will rank your website much higher in the search engine, making you more recognisable and boosting your random traffic. And with time and effort, you can make your brand even more recognisable through your domain. 


Increased views

Today, people prioritize speed and ease of searching for things online. With a domain name that’s easy to type and access, you can expect a much better flow of visitors. Making your website easily accessible will leave people interested and reduce their stress, which is the goal of an online presence. 


Great domain name properties

You might be wondering what makes a good domain name, so here’s what experts say on the subject: 

  1. The right extension: the part of a URL that comes after the domain. Some extensions make your website seem more reliable than other extensions. 
  2. Spelling: make sure to avoid complicated spelling and avoid spelling errors. 
  3. Memorability: make your domain easy to remember, short, straightforward and connected to your business. Make it unique! 

With a good domain name, businesses managed to stay afloat for many years, build a strong reputation online and even earn money just by selling their domain name merchandise. So before you start your personal or business website, make sure to think good and hard about your domain name and settle on something that will satisfy the aforementioned criteria. Good luck placing your name on the great internet!  


Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff