Good Reasons to Hire a Consumer Rights Lawyer

All federal governments, as well as individual states, often have a collection of laws created to protect the rights of consumers. This framework of laws is extensive, covering various subjects from debt collection to credit reporting, identity theft, communication with consumers, advertising, etc. Even though the regulations are clear and firm, sometimes companies choose to deliberately or accidentally violate them and hurt the consumers in the process. 

When there are minor issues between companies and consumers, it’s possible to settle the dispute without the help of professionals. In other cases, hiring a consumer rights lawyer is necessary to stand in your corner and protect your rights, ensuring no other people fall victim to the same crimes.


What is consumer law?

Consumer law is a branch of law that protects consumers from various dangers and fraud when buying products and services. There are strict regulations in place, and all consumer markets need to play by these rules. Consumer rights law also deals in copyright and intellectual property rights, in which case, it protects the organizations. In short, consumer rights law protects any type of consumer from falling victim to unfair selling practices and false advertising.


Identity theft

Identity theft is probably the most serious crime on this list and a violation that definitely requires the help of a consumer rights lawyer. Identity theft is when someone steals your private personal or financial information to do one of the following:

  • Open a new account in your name
  • File a fraudulent tax return
  • Obtain medical care
  • Steal your money

All of these can result in a credit report that’s not yours. With the right attorney, you can go through the consumer protection laws and restore your name and credit score. 


Credit report errors

Any error in credit reporting can impact your score for a long time. With reporting errors, you risk being declined a mortgage, car loan or personal loan. In some cases, you might even be overlooked for employment or housing. If you notice any inaccurate reporting on your credit (outdated records, someone else’s credit data, inaccurate personal information, etc.), you should contact your consumer rights lawyer to protect your rights and restore your credit. 

False marketing and faulty goods

In most countries, companies are obliged to comply with strict rules when it comes to selling goods and services and advertising them in the media. It’s highly illegal to deliberately harm consumers by convincing them to buy harmful or faulty products. False marketing and selling of faulty goods warrant a call to your consumer rights lawyer, who will do their best to resolve disputes regarding goods and services. These professionals can also help businesses protect themselves from false claims and ensure they can avoid and solve claims quickly and efficiently. 

Dealing with debt collectors

If you have outstanding debt, collectors need to follow a strict set of rules when trying to collect. There are many things to follow here, such as no use of abusive language, threats of violence, mention of false statements, etc. Debt collectors also can’t tell anyone about your debt or ask you to pay for illegal interests. If you’re experiencing debt harassment, your consumer protection attorney can be of great help. 

 “Spam” calls

We all know how annoying “spam” calls, messages and emails can be. And the worst thing is that they often don’t stop after asking to be removed from the contact list. As a consumer, you can be protected from harassment according to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. With a good consumer protection lawyer on your side, you can even receive compensation. 

An experienced consumer rights lawyer can save you from many dangers of consumerism and make purchasing decisions easier and less stressful. You can also rest assured your identity and health have been protected. In a consumer society, these experts can be true lifesavers! 



Peter Minkoff
Peter is a lifestyle writer at HighStyleLife magazine, living between Europe and Australia. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.
Peter Minkoff