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Things to Do in a Canadian Winter

Winter in Canada is like nowhere else in the world.  The season coats most of the country in a beautiful blanket of snow that seems to bring us closer together.  If you’re new to these winters and you aren’t sure…

4 Tips for Planning a Road Trip in Autumn

If you’re looking for something fun to do this autumn, you should consider a road trip. Road trips appeal to those with a sense of adventure and a love of landscapes. It’s a chance to take in the scenery as…

8 Best Things To Do In Basel, Switzerland

When people mention Switzerland, the first cities that usually come to mind are Geneva and Zurich. However, Basel has just as much to offer. As Switzerland’s third-largest city and the country’s cultural capital, there are so many things to experience….

Fall Colours In Ontario

8 Of The Best Places To See Fall Colours In Ontario

While some may be sad that summer has ended, for those who love fall and the change of leaves, this is the time to go on a road trip and experience the stunning change of season that truly is a…