zenxienz’s new album Cosmosis will take you on a psychedelic journey

It’s great when you get to hear a DJ with a unique story, and Hong-King born music producer and artist, zenxienz (said: ZEN SCIENCE) aka Cameron Williamson is just that. In the summer 2016, zenxienz decided to produce a track a day to get himself out of a hole of depression, and the result was moving and beautiful electronic music. His album, Cosmosis is being released on November 17, 2017 and it’s inspired by the tropical landscape of Kaua’I, Hawaii where zenxienz grew up.

One might describe zenxienz’s Cosmosis as psychedelic electronic music, but we prefer to give it no definition other than saying you have to hear it to understand it’s true meaning. The album kicks off with “Flutter,” a light and airy track that instantly transports you to somewhere bright and beautiful. Melodic vocals and the beat of a drum take you in with “Fusion Dissolution ft. Swinky”, while “Synesthesia” takes the energy back up a notch with a drum and bass-esque track with quick beats and winding instrumentals and chimes.

The chill and funky “Aya For An Eye” hits your senses with cool vocals and a relaxed beat before “Elysium” takes you on a deeper spiritual journey of sound. You can really feel the tropical inspiration from zenxienz’s childhood throughout all of the tracks. “Aurora” is a bit darker, making you feel almost as if you’re inside of a fun house or video game where you’re not quite sure what will happen. Followed by “Sapiens,” you can’t help but close your eyes and buckle in for wherever zenxienz is going to take you.

The 12 track album finishes off with “Dao ft. Swinky,” bringing back in those melodic upbeat sounds from the beginning of the album and the beautiful vocals that are ever soothing. “My Grip Weakness” is an intense track with a male vocalist, feeding in emotional lyrics with the drums. Finally, “Chain Reaction” finishes off the album perfectly, with cosmic sounds and a building rhythm.

It’s clear that zenxienz takes great pride in what he does, putting his entire heart and soul into each track. He avidly spreads awareness for mental illness and wants listeners and those around him to know that there is hope. He’s a big advocate for psychedelics and psychedelic therapy, and his music would be a great pairing for those interested in exploring such options.

There’s no doubt his album is quite the journey. We encourage you to take time to listen to the full album, start to finish.

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