Zaki Ibrahim is brings live music directly to fans with Shö Live in Toronto

Music lovers all over the world have been lamenting the loss of the live concert experience ever since the blight that is COVID-19 descended upon us.  Artists and music industry members alike have been working to find new and creative ways to bring live music to fans, now that fans can’t go to the music.  Zaki Ibrahim has taken a direct and simple approach with her latest release, Shö Live in Toronto.

*photo by Joshua Rille

Coming out this Friday, June 26th, Shö Live in Toronto is a live music revival of Ibrahim’s stunning debut EP Shö (Iqra in Orange).  The record was originally released in 2006 and marks the beginning of a rerelease of her entire musical collection on Canadian female run music label Six Shooter Records, who made the brilliant decision to sign this beautiful maker and creator.

Known for her beautiful voice, her ethereal presence awe inspiring talent and passion, Zaki Ibrahim brings together elements of spoken word, hip hop, soul, house and 70s pop into warm embrace of musical bliss.  “Sunrise” the first single to be released from Shö Live in Toronto, is a perfect song for these tumultuous times with its delicate articulation of love, reassurance and renewal.

“‘Sunrise’ was originally recorded as a collaboration with South African House Producer DJ Kent” said Ibrahim. “In 2014, a few days after my dad’s passing, I was scheduled to be on tour and in Egypt I first performed an extra-slow arrangement of the song that I could barely finish (my sisters who joined me on tour, Tanika Charles and Pebbles Gqunta, finished the song for me). It felt like a prayer for his transition that day and from that moment on, the song, to me, seemed to serve as a bridge between worlds. The performance in Toronto brought that moment back in such an intense way, as I had not seen many of my oldest friends in what felt like huge chapters of life. It was a beautifully raw and emotional moment. I could feel the room crying with me, in a way we were all transported back to that marble outdoor theatre in Egypt, five months pregnant, singing my dad on his way to the other side.”

Take a listen to the song that moved so many, and be moved with us.

Even though live music as we knew it isn’t coming back any time soon, here are some upcoming opportunities to watch Zaki Ibrahim do what she does best, albeit in a bit of a different way.

Upcoming performances

Thursday, June 25, 7pm ET: Flare Magazine IG Live
Wednesday, July 23, 8pm ET: Do Well by Hamilton Concert Series FB Live
Friday, Aug 7: #CanadaPerforms at the RBC Bluesfest Drive-In

Shö Live in Toronto will be available to stream and purchase this Friday.  Find out more about Zaki Ibrahim and how to support her music through her website below.


Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly