Yungblud Storms The Danforth Music Hall

YUNGBLUD. Fix that name into your mind, because this is just the beginning.
Dominic Harrison, known as YUNGBLUD, is on a high-velocity path to taking over the world, or at the very least, the biggest of venues. Over the past two years, YUNGBLUD has played Toronto a handful of times, each time almost doubling his fan base. Jumping from The Rivoli to a sold-out Danforth Music Hall in under a year, you can only imagine what the next tour will bring.

YUNGBLUD emerged on stage with a large pink flag, the colour which, along with black, has come to represent his image as well as feature prominently on his merch. Dark, moody strobes lit him up as he hyped up the crowd before jumping into 21st Century Liability, the title track of his first album released in 2018. By song number two, Dominic was already drenched. From constant jumping and sprinting from side to side, with energetic guitar and vocals to match, YUNGBLUD is a pop-punk powerhouse.

There aren’t many artists who bleed genuine, positive and grateful energy on stage like YUNGBLUD. His love for his fans, the music he’s making, and the community it has created is extremely evident. Dom’s large goofy grin is infectious, one of the kinds of things you hope never goes away.

The highlight of the set was when the stage went dark and a spotlight appeared in the middle of the crowd. A voice came over the PA telling the fans to form a circle in the middle, and soon after, YUNGBLUD appeared in the middle with an acoustic guitar to play Kill Somebody with fan participation. He always gives 100% of himself to the fans, and they give it all right back to him.

Going to a YUNGBLUD show definitely needs to be on everyone’s list. He is creating one of the most positive and accepting spaces in music right now, and is an advocate for so many important things happening around the world. Even with his rapidly growing fan base, Dominic still takes all the time he can to meet every one of his fans, and really makes a difference in their lives.

1. 21st Century Liability
2. Psychotic Kids
3. I Love You, Will You Marry Me
4. King Charles
5. Anarchist
6. Polygraph Eyes
7. Parents
8. Medication
9. Loner
10. Kill Somebody
11. I Think I’m OKAY
12. California

13. Die for the Hype
14. Hope for the Underrated Youth
15. Machine Gun