You’re Not A Responsible Driver Until…

It can feel exciting the day you pass your driving exam. Not only are you now free to drive the roads, but you have proven that your skill has been assessed to do so competently. But this is hardly the end of the story. You are only ever as good as the last minute you spent minute the wheel. Being a responsible driver is not a status to be earned, it’s a behaviour to keep up, every single day, and every single time you get behind the wheel. Even if you are only driving yourself, you’re also responsible for all the other vehicles you come into contact with, and how your presence influences them on the roads. Keeping this mindset can help you view yourself as a responsible driver, and keep you in the correct, humble attitude needed to drive safely at all times.


However, sometimes it can be best to consider just how you are achieving this status each and every day. With the following advice, you can find out objectively. You’re not a responsible driver until…


You Accept Things Can Go Wrong


It’s incredibly easy to feel temporarily annoyed with other people on the road. This might lead to you mouthing the word ‘idiot,’ or even vocalizing something worse. But if you’ve said that about someone else in your driving career, the odds are that someone has said the same under their breath about you. It’s an unfortunate reality of etiquette on the roads sometimes, but you’re free to say what you like. However, when you consider how both people will think themselves of being in the right regarding this situation, it’s easy to see how accidents and crashes can happen.


Perhaps one of the marks of a mature driver is knowing how things can go wrong, and never, ever taking unnecessary risks, rising above heated driving situations, and learning how to avoid problem drivers on the road. Keep your options open for a legal no-obligation consultation when you have experienced an accident. When you humble yourself and learn that you’re not always in the right, you can take responsibility for the situation, and potentially remove one half of the toxicity that can sometimes distract you and lead to a crash.


You Are Aware


Taking a structured approach to your driving is essential. You should only drive when awake, alert and able to read the road. Ensure that you are well rested before any long journey. Always keep the interior of your car stable and calm. Ensure that you brush up on your road theory knowledge. All of this can contribute to a more responsible time on the roads, through and through.


You Keep Your Car In Good Condition


Never allow warning lights to blink, and ignore them if you’re not sure what they mean. Always attend to any repairs that need taking care of, you can get a second quote if needed. Check your tyre pressure every few days. Inspect your glass for chips. Listen to your engine, it can often tell you more than you might realize.


If you take care of these responsibilities, you can consider yourself a responsible driver, but be sure to keep at it no matter what.



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