Your Guide to Throwing the Ultimate Backyard BBQ Bash

Throwing a backyard barbecue is as much as a gastronomical event as it is a social gathering. An entire cult has grown around a BBQ bash you so have to thoroughly prepare for it not to disappoint friends and family that are coming over. Enough meat to go around is not nearly enough for a backyard barbecue to unforgettable as there are several details that you need to take care of.

Once you take care of the seating and the overall atmosphere, you are ready to organize the ultimate backyard BBQ bash. In case we got you pondering what it takes to enter grill heaven, here is a short guide on how to make the next garden party truly memorable.

First thing’s first: The food

A plate full of meat delicacies is mandatory but what else should your guest be able to consume? An important segment to a complete the meal are the side dishes, you there should be a buffet with different food. Sweetcorn, fried potatoes, and several types of cheese should be on the menu. Furthermore, you can add salads spiced up with salt, pepper, and vinegar. Speaking of spicing things up, not all guests like spicy food, so keep their options open by placing spices on the table for them to choose. Place dispensers of mayo, ketchup, mustard, curry, soya sauce, etc. on the buffet for people to choose the spice of their choice.

Anything to drink?

We all agree that beer goes well with a steak but again, not everyone shares this opinion. That is why you should encourage guests to bring their own drinks or at least let you know of their beverage preferences. Apart from ice-cold beer, you should have light summer wines and punch available. Since summer is the ideal time to throw a backyard BBQ, then you can prepare refreshing cocktails like vodka spritzers, mint juices, and margaritas. As far as the aforementioned wines are concerned, sangria is an ideal summer drink. The best thing about it is that it can be homemade and you can look for the recipe online.

Ice down

Since air temperatures are known to soar high, especially in places like Australia, be prepared to literally cool down the atmosphere. Obviously, the AC unit is useless outside but you can bring put a powerful fan that will make the setting comfortable enough. If you own a water feature inside the backyard, like a splash pad a fountain or even a swimming pool, make sure it is fully operational. Finally, don’t forget to stock on ice because once the BBQ bash hits off, there will be no time to freeze new ice cubicles. The kitchen freezer should be full to the brim with ice!

Why stand when you can sit

The main lure of a backyard barbecue party is the ability to socialize. Contrary to popular belief, this does not mean that everybody should be standing around and chatting with glasses in their hands. Create a sitting area that would include a large table, chairs, a sofa, and ideally, some lazy bags. Furthermore, your guests should be left to the mercy of the punishing summer heat, so protection against the sun in necessary. If you don’t have a patio, then a shade sail like the ones Suncoast Shade Sails make should do the trick just fine.

The right timing

Speaking of the sun, you shouldn’t let the summer heat dominate the BBQ bash. Time the event well so it starts in late afternoon and it ends after sundown. This way you will avoid the period when the sun is the strongest and you’ll catch some of that evening chill. By alternating between day and night, your party will get the much-needed boost once everyone one if full so dancing and games can start. As far as the games are concerned, prepare several types to entertain everyone. You can have board games for easy-going people and proactive ones, like hide and seek for those who want to have a good run out after a heavy meal.

A light show

Once darkness sets in, it is time to turn on the light. A single light bulb on the back porch is an atmosphere killer, so prepare colorful lights. Besides garden lampposts that will attract pesky insects away from the happening, you can use LEDs of different color. Stretch a cable across the yard and adorn it with lights in different colors. This might seem like a trivial and a tacky detail but your guests will feel more relaxed under such a light show.

Throwing the perfect backyard BBQ bash is all about how imaginative you can get. We have listed several ideas regarding food, drinks, and entertainment but you can always add ideas of your own. However, don’t neglect the comfort factor by providing enough seating and lounging option, as well as extra protection against the sun.

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Mianna Korben

Mianna Korben

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Mianna Korben