Your Daily Feel Good – The political punk pop of American High

Today’s Daily Feel Good highlights American High, a Californian quartet with a sound that flirts as a punk-influenced version of the Beach Boys. While they take many of the political leanings of punk bands with a message, they’re reaching through the ages of rock to use near-continuous harmonies on all the songs (which I admit wore on me a bit as I listened to the album). Bits of The Kinks and Blink 182 (NO, I’m not going to come with some punny rhyme!) can be heard additionally. Their latest album, U.N. Article 14, takes its title from the UN Declaration of Human Rights article that states “Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.” Important words in a troubled time, to say the least. Despite the seriousness of the band’s subject matter, the songs are spritely tunes, thick with poppy melodies and sprinkled with acoustic guitars. They’re definitely the closest thing modern music can call the politically charged Everly Brothers. Personal highlights of the album include the title track posted below as well as Second Sister and Cheye Calvo.

The band spells out their beliefs and intent in their About page on their website. They bravely state:
Democracy isn’t the thing, human rights are the thing. Don’t pledge allegiance to the flag, pledge allegiance to your fellow man. Patriotism should be directed toward our fellow citizens. Not the flag and not the Government. We hope everyone will stand up for other people’s right to be wrong. Stand up against using violence in order to force others to live the ‘right’ way.

Preach, boys! Putting their money where their mouth is, the band is donating every penny their album earns to Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services . 

For that, the Addicted Music Dept. celebrates this American High for their music and their message.



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