Yes We Mystics’ Rivoli residency begins

The provosts here in the music department at Addicted Magazine loves us some heart-shredding, soaring-vocal, pretty-rock. And if it’s Canadian, all the better. So when the press release announcing Yes We Mystics’ month-long residency here in Toronto crossed our virtual vintage teak desk, just a few seconds of listening inspired us to toss it on the ‘must review’ pile.

Hailing from Winnipeg, Adam Fuhr and Keegan Steele started the band in high school. They released their first EP, Floods and Fires in 2013 and hit the road to support it. Following the usual departures of band members, Jodi Plenert and Jordon Ottenson joined up. At this time, Yes We Mystics’ shifted from folk to a layered symphonic rock sound. The result was 2015’s Forgiver. Produced by star producer, Besnard Lakes’ Jace Lasek, the album is a lush blend of atmospheric pop, vocal and guitar melodies and near-perfect drums.


Starting October 24, Yes We Mystics commence a month of Tuesdays at the Rivoli in Toronto. Listen to Ceilings here.







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Aron Harris

Aron Harris

Music Editor at Addicted
Aron Harris is Addicted's music editor as well as a designer/photographer/writer. Aron can be found on Instagram at for photography. As well, @dadrockdad for his dad blog.
Aron Harris
Aron Harris