Xavier Toscano Works Hard to Make it Look Easy

Xavier Toscano is someone who believes pop music is the soundtrack of our lives and for as long as I have known him, he had embodied just that. You may know him from his performances, his social media, and you have definitely heard his songs featured in a show on E! network, among others.

His complete honesty has always been refreshing. When discussing his childhood and his social good passions, he has no issue describing his struggles growing up and how his family wasn’t always able to make ends meet but he is also one of the most upbeat, positive people you’ll talk to.

During this time of Covid-19, isolation, pandemic, and with many people having financial troubles, Xavier has a show coming up to benefit Feeding America on Saturday, May 9th. You can view it on Facebook and also contribute to the cause directly as well. I wanted to chat with him for my radio show ‘Tommy Talks’ about this, his new music video for ‘Made it Look Easy’ and more. Once we did that, I asked him to do an additional chat we could share here, and with the usual Xavier enthusiasm and generosity, he agreed.


Q: Tell us a bit about Xavier Toscano. Where did you grow up, when did you know you had the talent for music and wanted to be a part of this world?


Xavier Toscano: Hello! Thank you for having me 🙂

I grew up in San Jose, California. The heart of Silicon Valley. Music is in my veins and I am just carrying out what’s innately in me. 😉


Q: Performing and making videos seems to come so natural to you now, were you always so comfortable doing those things? 


Xavier Toscano: No! NOT AT ALL!!! It’s like anything else in life. You need to immerse yourself in it, and grow, grow, grow! What I used to do is completely unacceptable now and I have experience to thank for that growth. <3


Q: Currently, we are going through the Covid19 pandemic, which is affecting everyone, including entertainers and performers. How have you been dealing with it personally and professionally? 


Xavier Toscano: Acceptance. I am one who believes that acceptance is a great form of healing. Once you accept a thing, situation, or person for what it is, it opens you up to other possibilities. Let’s see what happens from here on out.


Q: You have a show coming up on May 3rd for SAClive and another on May 9th for Feeding America. Tell us about those.


Xavier Toscano: May 3rd was one I was asked to perform in, and I am very happy to support Sacramento. They have always been great to me! You can join that one at SacLive.

My own show is one I am putting on to benefit Feeding America which I think is so important right now. To tune in on this one, just go to my Facebook page (you do not need to be my FB friend, but do need a FB account). I am facebook.com/xaviersings


Q: With so many in the entertainment business struggling, they are still offering so much free content online for the others who need entertainment at this time, whether viewers can donate a little, a lot, or nothing at all. Do you think true performers simply need to perform as a way of expression, helping others, and dealing with the situation in general?


Xavier Toscano: I think we have a heart that is really in tune, so we empathize more than the average person, if you will. That may be where this is all coming from.


Q: Describe Xavier Toscano in three hashtags


Xavier Toscano: #happy #go #lucky


Q: What is one thing you absolutely cannot live without.


Xavier Toscano: MUSIC


Q: What are you working on and looking forward to sharing soon or after we are all allowed to return to some version of normalcy?


Xavier Toscano: For now, I have my music business hat on and working on marketing. 🙂 But, as soon as I can, I am going to record a video for my cover song “You Make Me Feel Mighty Real”.


Q: Who would you like to work with that you haven’t already?


Xavier Toscano: Timbland, and I would love to go on tour with Katy Perry! <3


Q: Your cover of Sylvester’s ‘You Make Me Feel Mighty Real’ was a big success for you. Do you plan on covering other songs?


Xavier Toscano: I don’t see why not, but for now, nothing is in the works.


Q: You recently released a video for your song ‘Made It Look Easy’. What was that like for you? It looked like you had a blast making it!


Xavier Toscano: LOL! I love my dancers, they’re such a joy to be with. It was a lot of work, but also a lot of great memories. Here is a behind the scenes video for you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8pUKbR2QqM


Q: Where can we find you online and follow all you do? 


Xavier Toscano: That’s SO easy! XavierToscano.com


Watch “Made It Look” Easy below:



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Thomas Geraci

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