Words to Remember a film by Pasquale Marco Veltri

What if your future self could come to you now and impart the lessons he or she learned along the way? In the reflective and beautiful short film Words to Remember director Pasquale Marco Veltri explores just that.

In this life we often forget to live in the moment, we dwell in the past and worry and plan for the future, but really what do we have other than the present, as we can’t change the future. Since there are so certainties in life, we surely can’t live for what may or may not come.

In Pasquale’s journey with this film he states “If people lived life with the end in mind, they would find the nouns that matter most are not places or things, but, human beings. It is only through the hearts and minds we touch, through the peaks and valleys of joy and pain, that any evidence of our existence will remain.”

While I watched the film recently at the Tiff Bell Lightbox in Toronto, presented by the ICFF it was hard to not reflect on my own life. I wondered if I thought too much of what the future should or may bring, that maybe I put to much focus on success and not enough on the people around me? Even if they are the are the ones that I’m sharing this journey with…

It’s not often that you are left reflecting on an entire life at the end of a film, but not only that, in Words to Remember, somehow Veltri has found a way to not only provoke those thoughts, he really made the message universal through different human stories, languages and backgrounds woven into a truly special short that brought you into his mind, and took you back into your own to reflect on the questions asked.

Am I living for the moment, and if my future self could come to me now, what would he say?

Check out the trailer for yourself below and to find out more about Pasquale Marco Veltri check out his website to view his works.



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