Wine, it’s a romantic mainstay + Podcast

Wine, it’s a romantic mainstay.  A gorgeous bottle elevates a drab night on the couch to a sexy soiree for two. Or at least it can, if you know how to choose the right wine for your needs.

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This week, Kaley and Sarah sit down with sommelier and Wine Online exec Sam Fritz-Tate. Fritz-Tate schools the co-hosts on the world’s finest wines. This episode of You Do You will convince you the world of wine is a truly fascinating place. if you want to benefit from all of Sam’s wisdom, you’ll have to listen. However, here are a few fun facts to whet your appetite. Enjoy!


There Are Awesome Non-alcoholic Wines

If you’re sober or dating someone who is,an impediment to enjoying a delicious bottle of wine is the alcohol. However, Sam assures us Wine Online – and many other purveyors – have an excellent supply of alcohol-free vino. Remember, sober dating doesn’t mean deprivation! Wine can still be delicious sans booze.


Portuguese Wines Are The Next Big Thing

When asked which wine regions were up-and-coming, Fritz-Tate gushed about portugese wines. He predicts this country’s grapes will be all the rage before you know it. You heard it here first, dear readers. Now impress your friends at a socially distanced barbecue by treating them to a bottle of Portugal’s finest!


Wine Culture Is Becoming More Inclusive, finally!

Historically, serious wine connoisseurs were assumed to be men, and they were almost always white. That’s why sommeliers of yesteryear offered gentlemen the opportunity to sample a bottle to ensure it was suitable, assuming any female companions didn’t have refined palates. Well, inclusivity is finally coming to Wine Country. Fritz-Tate assures us there’s a plethora of women and BIPOC wine professionals around the world. Let’s hope this more diverse crew of vintners and sommeliers show the world that wine isn’t just for white dudes!

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly