Win some bling this Valentine’s Day from Chloe…With Love

Now that the longest January is finally behind us, it’s time to celebrate the arrival of February, month that’s at least half dedicated to love.  So in celebration, we’d like to show one lucky reader some love with a beautiful piece of jewelry from us and Chloe…With Love.

Chloe…With Love is a luxury jewellery line created for the woman who needs to show herself more gratitude and love. Chloe…With Love incorporates the glamour of luxury jewellery and overall wellness by combining precious metals with natural earth mined stones.  Beauty, with purpose and care, just what everyone deserves on Valentine’s Day, no matter what their relationship status.

We’re giving away this beautiful pendant from Chloe…With Love’s Minis collection:

The pendant is made with onyx, a precious metal known for its protective, shielding, grounding, transformative, and strengthening properties. Onyx is a stone that provides support during difficult times or times during extreme physical or emotional stress (like a pandemic, perhaps?)

If this is the kind of energy you or someone you care about can use this Valentine’s Day, enter our contest below!  And be sure to head to our Instagram Page to score some bonus entries!  Good luck!


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Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

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Nadia Elkharadly