Why you should work out at Elle Fitness + Social

This spring I worked out exclusively at Elle Fitness +Social.

Located in the heart of Toronto’s King West Entertainment district, Elle Fitness+Social is not your average gym. It’s a boutique fitness studio dedicated to women’s health, wellness and empowerment. At Elle you can workout, network with some of the coolest ladies in town, and even throw a party. And you can do all of those things at the same time.

The Spot

The Elle Fitness Studio is at King and Portland, right above a nightclub. The space boasts high ceilings, loft like architecture and crisp white décor with punches of hot pink throughout. It’s cool as hell while still being open and inviting.

There are 3 studios, including a dedicated room for their signature high intensity interval training class Bodies By Elle. The other studios host the rest of Elle’s killer classes. Studio A features high pink ceilings,  skylights (a great distraction when you’re on the ground recovering from a killer workout) and all the fitness equipment you could ever need, from ropes to heavy bags, weights and bands and everything in between. Studio B rocks a Flashdance style dance studio feel with its huge windows and brick and beam design.

The entire studio is also licensed, making it a great place to host your bacholerette, birthday or whatever occasion you’d like. Elle offers great packages that combine fitness and partying. They also partner with local nightclubs to help create a full afternoon to night out experience.

There is also a Loy-elle-ty Program called “Elle’s Extra’s” that gives members the chance to earn points towards personal training, merchandise, and classes for friends.

The Moves

Elle’s suite of curated group fitness classes is so diverse that there’s something for everyone. The classes are structured so that anyone can benefit, no matter their fitness level. There are more than a dozen classes to choose from, most providing a full body workout while others focusing on certain areas of concern.

My absolute favorite classes were the ones that were a workout but didn’t feel like one, either because of what we were doing, or the awesome instructor at the front of the room.

Body Blast, a sculpting and toning class was a staple in my Elle schedule. It’s a full body workout that left me sore for days.

Boxing has always been one of my favorite ways to stay fit, so of course I caught Elle’s Hottie Body Boxing every week. The class is combination of circuit training, calisthenics, cardio and fight drills. Every class left me sweaty but happy, feeling like I could take on the world.

And if I had to pick a final fave, it had to be Hip Hop. Every gal knows what it’s like to dance up a sweat in a club or even just in your bedroom. Elle’s hip hop class takes that love of dance and makes it exercise. We learned some of the coolest dance routines from music videos or just dreamed up by our amazing instructor, the hilarious and vivacious Eneli. Nothing feels more badass than rocking some serious dance moves with a pack of rad women around you.


The Work(shops)

Along with their regularly scheduled classes and personal training, Elle also offers 2 hour workshop classes for concentrated fitness fun. These workshops range from learning the choreography to Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”, to unleashing your inner Coyote Ugly bar dance. Burlesque, chair dancing, and Beyonce are all workshop options.

I had the pleasure of attending “Gill’s Fight Club”, a 2 hour boxing workshop lead by instructor Gill Munn. It was amazing. The two hours flew by, and you could tell the women in the room were boxing addicts just like me – you had to be to rock that hardcore workout. And it was a blast!


The Babes

No matter what side of the room they were on, leading the class or taking it, the women of Elle Fitness are a fabulous force to be reckoned with. Every class at Elle is a serious babe fest, and I’m not just talking about my platonic admiration for their beautiful bodies. I found myself in awe of all the women around me. They were all motivated, driven, and STRONG.

But best of all, they were so supportive of one another. It was never an issue finding someone to partner up with in boxing, or someone to clumsily commiserate with while fumbling through a new hip hop routine. We were all at Elle with the same goal: to feel better inside and out, and to take care of our bodies, minds and souls. So we did it together, and had a great time while we were at it.

If the Elle members are an army, then their amazing instructors were our generals. They lead us through intense, sometimes insane workouts. They kept us motivated, while looking out for our health and safety. They would make us laugh, and give us hugs as we walked in and high fives as we walked out. By the end of my membership they felt more like friends than teachers, and to me, that was truly the Elle difference.


The End

Elle is much more than a place to work out; it’s a destination to get down with the feminine power within you. Owners Krista Knee and Melissa Gallagher and their team have created a welcoming, inclusive and supportive environment where women from all walks of life and in all shapes and sizes can get fit, hang out, and have fun.

I loved my time at Elle Fitness and Social, and would highly recommend it to all the gals out there looking to get fit while surrounded by great girl power vibes.




Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly

Nadia Elkharadly is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Addicted Magazine. Her myriad of addictions include music, fashion, travel, technology, boxing and trying to make the world a better place. Nadia is also a feminist, an animal lover, and a neverending dreamer. Keep up with her on social media through @thenadiae.
Nadia Elkharadly