Why You Should Experience Europe by Train

Europe is a fantastic continent to explore with stunning natural beauty, iconic cities, rich culture, fascinating history and much more. There are many great ways to explore Europe but the best is, arguably, by train. Europe is very well-connected by train which means that it can be relatively easy to explore the entire continent with this form of transport.


Lesser Seen Areas

One of the best reasons to travel by train is that you get to travel through the lesser seen areas. When you fly into an airport you do not get to see and experience the areas in between the major cities – these are often beautiful parts of a country where you can get the most authentic experience. Europe has some breathtaking countryside which is often missed by travellers but by train you get to see this side of the continent in addition to the major cities.


Major Cities

Leading on from this, you also get to see and experience many of the major cities on a train adventure through Europe. As mentioned, Europe is remarkably well-connected by train which can make it simple and easy to tick off the major countries and cities on your journey. It is interesting to see multiple European cities in one trip because it allows you to make direct comparisons and you will notice some similarities but how each place has its own character, history and culture to discover.


Shock to the Senses

In a similar vein, a train experience where you travel through multiple countries in one trip can be a real shock to the senses and an eye-opening experience. Catching a night train and falling asleep in one country and waking up the next morning in a completely different environment is an amazing experience and allows you to have a real adventure and embrace many different cultures.


Simple yet Fun Travel

Not only this, but you will find that travelling by train can be an incredibly fun experience and a good chance to meet new people. You get a lot of time for planning your trip, playing games, reading and generally having a good time while you travel between destinations and this is all part of the experience. It is also easy to plan a European train adventure because it is easily connected and you can save money by booking online or by using an interrail ticket. It is as simple as getting a train to London Kings Cross and then catching the Eurostar to start your adventure.


Travelling through Europe by train can be a fun, exciting and eye-opening experience which allows you to tick off many places in one trip and see the lesser-explored parts of the continent. It is a once-in-a-lifetime trip and one which will certainly provide you with many great stories to tell.

Stewart Thurlow

Stewart Thurlow

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Stewart Thurlow