Why Peru is the Ultimate Adventure Holiday Destination

If you are the type of person that likes adventure with their holidays then you should seriously consider visiting Peru. This brilliant South American country has an incredible amount to offer, including spectacular natural beauty, major historical and cultural attractions, intriguing cities, great food, friendly locals and much more – the perfect ingredients for a once in a lifetime adventure.

Whether you want to go now or find out when the best time of year to visit might be, here are a few of the major highlights that adventure-seekers will want to check off.


Machu Picchu

The most obvious attraction and one of the main reasons that people flock to Peru is Machu Picchu – a mysterious Incan citadel found high in the Andes Mountains. Its exact purpose remains unknown, but it was built in the 15th century and later abandoned leaving it untouched for many years. This UNESCO World Heritage site is an incredible attraction found at the end of an adventurous Inca Trail.


Amazon Rainforest

As if Machu Picchu wasn’t enough, Peru is also home to a section of the Amazon Rainforest – it does not get more adventurous than this! There are different sections that you can visit and each with its own distinct characteristics and sights to see, but wherever you choose you are sure to be in awe of the outstanding natural beauty found throughout the rainforest.



Peru’s capital city on the Pacific Coast, Lima is one of the biggest and liveliest cities in all of South America. It features a stunning preserved colonial centre with an amazing 16th-century cathedral, beautiful parks and beautiful views out to sea. As you would expect with any major city, this is a great place to immerse yourself in culture with many excellent restaurants, museums, markets and more.


Colca Canyon

Peru boasts astonishing mountain ranges which makes it a great place for a hiking adventure. The Colca Canyon is a highlight in the south of Peru and is the deepest canyon in the world and twice the depth of the Grand Canyon (although the walls are not as steep). It is also the best place to spot the rare Andean Condor – a stunning bird with the largest wingspan of any land bird at a gigantic 3.2 metres.


Lake Titicaca

Another highlight for adventure seekers will be Lake Titicaca – the world’s highest navigable body of water and thought to be the birthplace of the Incas. It is also the largest lake in South America by volume and surface area and surrounded by the epic Titicaca National Reserve which is home to all kinds of rare wildlife.


These are just a few of the highlights that Peru has to offer, but there are many more and any adventure-seeker will immediately fall in love with this very beautiful, historic and intriguing country.

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