Why Mapping Software will Benefit your Business

It’s no secret that every business owner will continually try to find new ways to increase profits. And while new tactics have been created and refined over the years, they all share the same goal of improving efficiency. 

Here we will be discussing the benefits of mapping software, providing a system that organizes and displays large volumes of data to your specifications.

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The powerful analytic tools and map styles a mapping software provides is the perfect option to achieve this goal. This software allows for better data visualization that will eventually help you streamline strategic business actions. Their primary function is to create a google map with Excel data, which is incredibly handy for regional and national corporations.

For instance, if you own a big, sales-oriented retailer in multiple locations, mapping software will create a google map with your data collected in Excel. This representation will enable users to see which territories are hurting sales and which ones offer new market opportunities. The benefits and possibilities are truly limitless.


What can Mapping Software do?


Territory and Customer Mapping


Sales managers and operation experts back in the day used to create sales territories manually, which was a long and complicated process, resulting in lost sales. With the advent of intelligent and highly specialized software, the same process can be done in a flash with far fewer mistakes.

Mapping software like Maptive can automatically create a google map with Excel data to produce territories based on its city and zip code. Furthermore, these programs map out both prospective and existing customers, creating colour-coded areas, and ensuring territory balance.

Aside from all the perks mentioned, mapping your data gives you a new perspective into unseen patterns and insights that don’t translate through spreadsheets alone. As a result, your business will create balanced territories that maximize sales coverage. This is achieved by improving customer experience and prioritizing top prospects.


Route Mapping

Mapping software is a universal tool that also benefits small and medium-sized companies. Using this software is ideal if your business is trying to optimize route planning for your outside sales teams. Route mapping is a sustainable solution that allows your company to create a more efficient route, ultimately meeting more customers and beating your competitors. 

Long are the days where sales representatives were left with nothing to do in between meetings. By mapping your daily routes, the program automatically calculates route distances, driving and meeting times, and gas expenditure to create a google map with Excel data. In this map, a new and enhanced route will summarize all the ways you could fit in more clients and minimize your costs. 


Demographic Overlay


Critical demographic factors can make or break a company’s attempt for a new business opportunity. However, working with big heaps of demographic data can be an excruciatingly tiresome endeavour. Statistics are precious for many businesses and research projects, but if they can’t understand and visualize this data correctly, it serves no real purpose.

Fortunately, some mapping software can overlay demographic information on top of your current data to give you more insight into prospective customers and other business opportunities. By creating a google map with Excel data, a business can efficiently compare it with location-specific traits like income, housing, citizenship status, race, education, gender, popular forms of transportation, and labour.

For example, if your housing company attains information on education and income level in New York, or the average age in a specific community in South Dakota, it can be intertwined with your target markets. 

All that’s required is to load the data which will overlay the census information. In no time, you’ll be able to identify major trends that can have a direct impact on your operations, such as understanding why some areas are performing well or poorly. 


Data Entry Made Easier


Keeping track of new information in real-time can be an uphill battle to achieve; however, it’s crucial for most companies. In sales, field representatives need to continually inform their seniors how productive a meeting went or if a new deal was made. Communication must also be done quickly and accurately. Using mapping software, all you need to do is to create a google map with Excel data and set the program to receive this information in real-time. 

New data can be easily entered into the system either manually or using smartphones. The map will immediately refresh when further information arrives, allowing your representatives to be aware when new leads are present.


Using mapping software like Maptive is a fantastic opportunity for companies to expand and maximize their efforts. Data will be beautifully visualized with new and hidden trends easily identified, and information will be up-to-date, allowing personnel to adapt on the fly. 

This software is also user-friendly, easy to use and just as importantly, quick to learn. Once a google map with Excel data is created, the information presented will help businesses everywhere reach their goals.



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