Why Look Overseas For Investments?

Want to invest your money and make a big return? Many investors are now looking abroad for opportunities. Digital technology has made it easier to keep track off stock prices abroad and manage investments from afar. Here are just several ways to make an investment overseas and potentially score big.


Foreign currency

Forex trading has long been a popular form of investment. This involves making money out of fluctuating currency prices. By buying a currency that is going up in value, you can then convert the currency back and make a profit.

Whilst you would have once had to visit a forex broker to keep track of rising and falling currency rates, the internet has now made it possible to keep up with currency rates on your mobile. There are also plenty of micro-investment platforms available that never existed before – these allow you to transfer small amounts of money so that you’re not limited to large minimum investments, allowing the everyday person to try their hand at forex dealing without the risk of heavy losses.


Foreign stock markets

You can also invest in foreign stock markets. This would have once been a very complicated process, but now thanks to the internet its easier than ever to keep up to speed with the stock markets of other countries. Many investors have found trading foreign shares to be much more lucrative than trading domestic shares – for example, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index rose by 36% last year! Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are the best means of doing this and are available via various platforms. There are sites that can help you to find the best stock market investments abroad such as these top Japan ETFs. It’s worth doing your research as different investing rules and customs can apply overseas.



Foreign property can also be a good investment. There are many countries in which property prices are relatively low, allowing those with less cash to play with to start investing in property. Foreign property can be developed and sold or rented out to tenants – however, the most common form of investment is to turn a property into a holiday home and rent it out to holidaymakers.


By choosing an upcoming tourist location you may be able to still take advantage of low property prices whilst ensuring a steady flow of guests throughout the year. The likes of AirBnB can allow you to screen guests and manage bookings remotely. You’ll still want to hire someone local to clean and maintain the property as well as handing over keys to guests, however, this needn’t set you back too much. Meanwhile, when no-one is staying at the property, you have the option to use it for your own leisure. It could even be a place to retire to – by renting out as a holiday home now, you could help to pay the mortgage off and allow yourself to spend your retirement living in it debt-free.



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