Why Is Everyone Afraid of Driving These Days?

More and more people appear to be giving up their vehicles these days in favour of cheaper, healthier and greener options. This can include taking public transportation, it can include walking more often or even cycling.

But why?

Why are more and more people avoiding car ownership in favour of these newer forms of transportation? We believe that people have become afraid of driving, and here’s why.


They prefer to use public transportation


There are plenty of people that feel like public transportation is safer. For the most part, there’s no difference. Public transportation generally means that you’re subject to sharing your transportation with people, and there’s always a chance someone might not agree with you or start an argument over something small. It’s not much safer than driving a vehicle.


They think they can’t afford a vehicle


Cars are actually affordable nowadays. Even buying a new car can often be cheaper than buying a used car because they come with less interest, and cars come with modern parts that are much easier to maintain and take care of than older vehicles. This means that you’ll spend less time and money on fixing your vehicle and more time actually driving it and making use of it.


They’re afraid they won’t pass their driving test


There are plenty of resources available on the internet to help you pass your driving test. For instance, this road test guide is a great resource that will give you plenty of information to help you overcome your fears about passing your driving test. This will ensure that you don’t have to retake the test several times and gives you confidence in your abilities.


They’re worried about crashing their vehicles


Whether it’s potholes or reckless drivers, the road can be a dangerous place if you’re not careful. Thankfully, there are many modern safety features on vehicles nowadays that will help keep your car safe from danger and even warn you when you’re close to colliding with something. Together with sensible driving advice from your instructor and friends, you’ll find that it can actually be very easy to stay safe on the road.


They prefer to use healthier methods of transportation


It’s understandable that people want healthier forms of transportation, hence why they’ll cycle or walk or use public transportation. However, it can also be frustrating to take those methods of transportation. When driving a car, you can park close to your destination and still walk a fair distance before arriving. The only difference is that you get to choose how far you stop from your destination.


They don’t want to affect the environment

While electric cars are being touted as the green option for transportation, they’re not as green as you think. Sure, your vehicle itself doesn’t burn fuel like a regular car, but it still needs to get that power from somewhere. For instance, if you’re getting your electricity from a coal-powered plant, then it’s not much better than a traditional vehicle in terms of greenhouse gases.




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