Why Do You Need Gap Insurance?

Gap insurance runs alongside car insurance to cover any costs you or your other insurers can’t. It can really help you out in a jam, and when your back is to the wall gap insurance offers that critical helping hand.

However, gap insurance often gets a bad reputation. However, the reasons for this are unnecessary and ill-founded, as gap insurance can be a great help in certain circumstances. Consequently, it’s important to understand all the perks that come with it, so you can know how to utilise it best.


Peace of Mind

When it comes to browsing any kind of insurance offer, you should keep the basics in mind. Obviously, the main goal of insurance is to protect you and your assets; whether that’s your car from damages or your home from a fire. Therefore, you shouldn’t strike up any deals or align yourself with any insurance company unless you’re certain they’ve got your best interests at heart. If they just want your money, jump ship!

After all, some insurance companies play by their own rules, and can leave their trusting customers out in the cold. However, gap insurance doesn’t play these kinds of dirty tricks. You can use their services, have your costs covered and return to your life, rather than spending weeks contesting claims and negotiating pay-outs. Consequently, gap insurance is there for you when everyone else lets you down!


Sense of Loyalty

Purchasing a second-hand car is a situation that can feel like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you’re obviously getting a vehicle for a cheaper price. On the other hand, your car is far more likely to be prone to faults, breakdowns and the subsequent repair costs that come embroiled with each. You can feel like you’re winning at the start, but reality hits sooner or later.

Of course, when your car is constantly breaking down, insurance companies, ironically, won’t be happy. Even if it’s their role to help you out, continuous and costly breakdowns mean that you’ll soon become a liability to some of them rather than a lucrative member of their customer base. However, following the integrity of the BMW warranty, gap insurance will cover any and all costs you can’t quite meet at any time. Ultimately, to have a strong sense of loyalty from your insurance people is a good sign of character and service.


Flexible Service

Many insurance companies have certain conditions you must meet to acquire their services. To get their help you need to tick each box on an extensive quota, and for those in more desperate times, this simply won’t do. When help is needed it’s needed fast, and this is something that those behind gap insurance offers understand completely.

If your car is written-off, gap insurance will help you pay off any outstanding loans you needed to acquire the car in the first place. Additionally, they can help you cover the costs if you leased a vehicle that is now damaged, enabling you to end your contracts early. Put simply, they’re flexible, and they’ll help you out as quickly as possible regardless of your situation.



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