Where Your Bachelor in Communications Can Take You

Are you looking at studying your Bachelor in Communications, but have no idea where it may take you? Maybe, you’re already studying but want to learn more about your career options? In this article, we are going to explore some of the different jobs that you could fall into after completing your Bachelor in Communications. 

If you’re looking at applying for a Bachelor in Communications degree, you can do so both online and on-campus. If you’re interested in online study, check out Maryville University to view their options. 


Social Media Manager 

If you enjoy working digitally and are great at social media, then becoming a social media manager might be the right choice for you. Social media managers are in charge of monitoring a company or business’s online presence and help with advertising via social media platforms. They are tasked with creating interesting daily content and using analytic software to monitor their pages. 

To be a social media manager, you have to possess a large variety of skills that help you create and post engaging content. These include copywriting, customer service, research, and knowledge of SEO. You also have to keep up to date with the latest trends and any new platforms that have emerged. 


Event Planner 

An event planners’ job is to ensure that a specific party/event runs as smoothly as possible. They are tasked with coordinating everything to do with the event, including its location, entertainment, caterers, etc. If you enjoy planning, decorating, and taking charge, then this would be the perfect career choice for you. 

When planning an event, they must take care to follow a budget and the client’s guidelines. They must possess a vast skill set, which includes strong communication, problem-solving skills, and a high level of attention to detail. 


Human Resources Specialist

A human resources specialist takes care of everything to do with employees within a company. They help hire, train, and support all of a specific company’s employees. During the day, they are tasked with running interviews, processing paperwork, developing new policies and procedures, and finalizing the exit process for employees.  

To be a human resources specialist, you have to be able to multi-task and build strong relationships with all of the company’s employees. You’ll need to be an effective communicator, and have a great understanding of confidentiality.  


Public Relations Manager 

PR managers are tasked with ensuring that the public image of a client is enhanced. They help manage social media, organize events, plan publicity campaigns, and create advertising material. They are also required to speak publicly at interviews and events.  

To be a public relations manager, you have to able to work on your toes with excellent time management skills. You must be able to work in a team and on your own while being able to problem-solve efficiently. Other skills they may use during their day to day tasks include analyzing data, creative writing, and research skills.  


These were just four very different career choices that you could move into after completing your Bachelor’s in Communications. Remember to have fun and choose a career that you will be proud of. If you still aren’t sold on any of these choices, research around. There are many other professions that come from a communication degree.

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