When Technology Becomes a Game Changer in Sport

Technology has changed every aspect of our lives. From keeping in touch with friends around the world, to getting any information you could ever need at the touch of a button, it was inevitable that it would eventually influence the world of sport.

From technology that has changed the wider world of sport, to gadgets that transform your day-to-day fitness pursuits, we have selected a few of the technological advances that have altered sports forever.


Wearable Devices

New technology can transform the way you think about exercise and sport. Wearable devices are able to monitor heart rates, as well as track movements and physical demands using GPS, accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. This technology is invaluable for sports coaches, trainers and doctors as it allows them to monitor an athlete’s health better and they can use the data to customise and plan better strategies to prevent injuries and boost performance.

For a rookie fitness enthusiast, technology as simple and accessible as a Fitbit can help keep you motivated by monitoring your steps, how much activity you’re getting, your weight, your water intake and how many calories you’re burning.

When used correctly, wearable devices like this are perfect for helping you get into shape and ideal if you like to work towards specific personal goals or you’re competitive and like to compare your fitness levels with friends.


Advanced Kit

Do you want to go faster than you’ve ever been before? Investing in new kit, like an electric skateboard for example, transforms the traditional sport and opens new opportunities to experiment with your hobbies and activities.

Technology like this reminds us that sport should be fun, exciting and innovative. It also potentially draws in more tech-savvy young people to take up new hobbies and sports like this. It’s a great way to encourage people to get interested in sports and outdoor activities, therefore boosting their fitness levels and health.


Capturing Sport

Hawk-eye technology is an example of an advancement that has transformed how we capture sports. Using cameras above the field of play to provide a birds-eye view, these cameras analyse the flight and trajectory of a ball in tennis, cricket, rugby and volleyball. It ensures accuracy and error-free decisions from referees, and less criticism from spectators!

If you’re looking for a high-tech way you can capture your outdoor activities or sports, a GoPro can capture high quality images and footage you could never have imagined before. They’re small and light enough to wear on your head or chest, and they film in a wide-angle POV shot to give you footage from a brand-new perspective.


Technology has transformed all walks of modern life and undoubtedly provides many benefits to sports people. Technology can make things faster, more exciting and even safer. Plus, it can attract a whole new generation by updating and reinvigorating traditional sports and outdoor pursuits. It’s certainly a game changer.



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